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Brighton Beach

This 45% linen, 35% cotton and 20% acrylic yarn offers a palette of colorful gradations that knit up in an "artistic" design that lets you get away with knitting simple - stockinette or garter stitch is all you need!

However, in a basic lace pattern as shown in this Tee shown in the right sidebar (I expect I'll get a lot of wear out of the interesting Tee this summer - it can be dressed up or down and is cool and has a great drape) it is even more interesting to have the diagonal of the lace pattern interplay with the blending of colors!

If you like the idea of this fiber blend for a summer top but want solid colors, check out the ever-popular Zooey. The shawl shown below, Temperance, is knit using 2 solid colors of Zooey plus color 6 of this Brighton Beach - it has a lovely hand and drape!

Brighton Beach is recommended knit at 5.75 sts/inch, which to me means it can go either d.k. or sport gauge on a US 3-5 needle. For crocheters, it is recommended 4-5 single crochet per inch on USE4.

Featuring 328 yards/sk, this Tee shown below requires only 3 sks for up to 41" chest; 4 sks for up to 51" chest and 5 balls for 55".

Price per skein: $15.99

Brighton Beach

teal, turmeric



1, 6

2, 5

3, 4


19, 20


Zooey Linen