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Andeamo Light

This 85% fine wool/15% baby alpaca yarn is new from Jody Long for fall 2021.

It is recommended knit at 4-4.5 sts/inch and comes in some great colors for both accessories and sweaters!

Featuring over 400 yards in each skein, it took just 1 skein to knit the cowl shown in the right sidebar.

And while the sweater shown in the right sidebar is from the Noro Magazine and shown knit in Huanui, a customer was in on Saturday and pointed out that this yarn would be a great alternative (since the Huanui hasn't shipped yet) for that sweater. And Ravelry is replete with all sorts of 4-4.5 st/inch sweater patterns (many of the Knitting Pure and Simple patterns knit from the neck down that we stock, would also be great options).

The jacket shown below in two colors is a simple seed stitch variation using 2 colors. The stitch pattern creates nice texture and blends the 2 colors so you don't get definitive stripes. The jacket has pockets, too, which I love. And the drape and hand of the garment is great! It has a really nice weightiness, without being stiff or heavy! It takes 2 sks each of 2 colors for a jacket to fit up to 34" chest ad 3 each of 2 colors for the jacket to fit up to 54" chest. Which means that for the medium sizes of 36 - 46, you'll have a lot of yarn left over to knit a hat or cowl, mittens, etc

Their names, not mine!

Price: $24.99


Andeamo Light

black, granite, moonstone, ivory

sage, olive, vert, mallard

bilberry, raisin, berry, rose

tiger, lipstick

NA = not available