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Cascade Yarns


This yarn is spun from recycled wool gathered from tailors shops. So the cut-offs from the garment industry of 100% merino wool are taken and wetted and chopped up and then carded and respun together with 30% poly to give it more strength. The resulting yarn is very soft, has great bounce and is a great value.

At only $6.50 for 162 yards, this yarn is recommended knit at 6-7 sts/inch on US 4-6 needle.

Lots of great colors to work with so it is a great option for color work. Each color has lots of other colors in it (sort of tweedy) so be sure to click on the photos for a better sense of the colors below. The two photos on the right are not grouped well, so the colors don't look so appealing - I'll retake those photos next week( 9/14) . But for now, be sure to look more closely at the colors because they are quite nice despite the unfortunate groupings I'm showing!

Price: $6.50



br pink, cataloupe, orange

pink, lavendar, turquoise

moss, sage

leather, goldenrod

ecru, oat, mist

taupe, latte, denim

teal off to the left

teak, periwinkle

walnut, red