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We have a LOT more 100% natural animal fibers (mostly wool) .....but they may be listed on the 100% machine washable wool be sure to check out this page for MANY more options from Cascade, Plymouth, Bliss, Malabrigo, Ella Rae, etc....and, of course, the yarns that are blended with alpaca, silk or other luxury fiber will be found under the other fiber.

First up are some special ones - either because of the unique dye process or because of some luxury or unusual fibers included....

Freia Ombres

7 sts/inch merino or for shawl....more like 5.5 on a US 6

Cumbria by Fiber Co.

4.5 sts/inch

and Cumbria Fingering, too!


Aranmore by Fiber Co

4 sts/inch

Manos Maxima

not just neons! Variegateds as well as kettle dyed.

5 sts/inch



5 sts/inch

And here are some great values and good old standbys.....



eco wool bulky dyed

Eco Wool Bulky

3.5 - 4 sts/in



Cascade 220 Sport

5.5 - 6 sts/inch


Homestead Wool by Plymouth


including some nice tweeds!

Kureyon by Noro

4.5 sts/in


Cascade 220

4.5 - 5 sts/inch

And here are a few of the most popular machine washable wools - you'll find more on the Machine Washable Index page

Swan Island Fingering Merino

7 sts/inch - naturally dyed

Rasta by Malabrigo

1.5 - 2.5 sts/inch

as well as Rios, Arroyo, Mecha.....all by Malabrigo

Plymouth Superwash Merino

5 sts/inch

128 Superwash by Cascade

3-3.5 sts/inch

Swan Island Eco-Wash Sport

6 - 6.25 sts/inch


Cascade 220 Sport

6 sts/inch


Debbie Bliss Rialto d.k.

5.5 sts/inch

Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply

7 sts/inch



Claudia Handpaint

7 sts/inch

Painted Desert

7 sts/inch

And here are some non-merino, but breed specific wools you might like to experience...

Swan Island Sport Rambouillet Yarn

6 sts/inch

Bliss Falkland Aran



Vermont Coopworth


Vermont Shetland

6 sts/inch these next two aren't 100% wool, but a lot of customers associate them with being 100% natural fiber, so ......

Lamb's Pride Worsted

4-4.5 sts/in

Lamb's Pride Bulky

3-3.5 sts/inch



Lana D'Oro by Cascade

4.5 - 5 sts/inch