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Customers look for yarns in different ways. Some seek yarns by gauge, some by project, some know the manufacturer or brand and others come just looking for an "alpaca". Sometimes we want to hone in on the best value and other times we want to indulge in a special yarn for a special project!

Yarns are cross referenced, for example you might find the same yarn listed under both "Juniper Moon", "Alpaca" and "great for scarves/shawls/cowls"!


Local VT, US Grown, Organic, Naturally Dyed, Breed Specific,


By Gauge

Sock Yarns (7-8 sts/inch with nylon or poly added; 1-3 sts/inch)

We also have Heritage and Happy Feet and Supersocke and Indulgence at the store!

Fingering Weight Yarns (6.5- 7 sts/in, typically on US 2-3)

Sport Weight Yarns (6 sts/in on US 4 or 5)

D.K. Weight Yarns

4.5- 5 sts/in on US 7 or 8

4-4.5 sts/in on US 9 or 10

Bulky Weight Yarns (3-3.5 sts/in on US 10-11)

Chunky Weight


By Designer/Brand


Luxury Fibers






Sock Yarns


Acrylic Blends

Clearance Yarns



Basic Value Yarn


Long Repeats or Gradation Yarns


Popular yarns for shawls


Uber Luxurious yarns for cowls & scarves


Clearance Yarns

All sales final, no returns or exchanges accepted. No additional discounts or promotions can be used when purchasing discontinued or discounted yarns.


My Picks for an "Investment" Sweater

or "Investment" yarns - you get what you pay for. These are not inexpensive yarns, but will wear really well and are good choices for classic designs that you'll wear for years to come.