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Holiday Gift Ideas

This page offers ideas for your own "wish-list" (so be sure to send this link to your family!) as well as some great kit ideas for the kids in the family, super gift suggestions for the new knitters in your life, and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your knitting buddies and Secret Santas at knitting guild!

everyone needs a bit of color and inspiration, especially in the winter when the days are short and the skies tend to grey!

if you haven't tried needle felting yet....what are you waiting for! This addictive craft is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Knitting wish list ideas for yourself

Interchangeable Needle Sets - we have Lykke, Chiao Goo Twist (metal) and also Bamboo as well as Dreamz by Knitters Pride. And we stock both the shorties, 16", and the deluxe sets! Every knitter ought to have a set of interchangeables - they are so convenient when you travel and it's nice to have every length of cord at your fingertips!

Silk (or these new lovely cotton print) needle cases are available for interchangeables, circulars, dpns, circs & dpns, crochet hooks too! Lovely silkl colors and these new bold prints in leaf and sheep designs - all well marked so you'll never struggle to find the size you need again. It's so handy when every needle has its own place! Plus zippered pockets to hold your little accessories!

This pattern holder $14.99 (follow the highlighted link to order this online) is a great tool to help knitters keep track of the row they are on. Perfect if you're working from a chart too! We actually have 2 sizes available to choose from.

And of course, if you don't have the ball winding equipment yourself, that's always a great gift idea to pass on to your family! We have lovely wooden versions at the shop, as well as the plastic version we offer online.

Ideas for the new knitters in your life

I've curated some book ideas here on this page that make great gifts for the relatively new knitter in your family to book ideas for the "green" knitter or the more experienced knitter interested in traditional ethnic designs! Join me in celebrating "jolablokaflod" this year!

I've put together a Learn to Knit Socks - 2 At a a Time Kit which includes a ball of sock yarn (dk gauge so they go a little faster than the traditional sock weight), 40" circular needle and the 2 at Once Sock Book for the family member or knitting buddy that wants to learn to knit socks.

I've put together a Learn to Knit Kit featuring a simple hat pattern, book and needles. This is a perfect gift for the family member of friend that wants to learn to knit this winter. It includes a great book on all the basics, a ball of yarn, set of needles, an accessory package with all the little ring markers etc you need.

Gift ideas for the spinners - or wanna-be spinners in your life

This Lacquered Drop Spindle Kit comes with instructions, a lovely laquered spindle in two different types of wood, directions and several ounces of wool (I've added additional wool to what is pictured because I didn't think what came with the kit was enough to get someone really started - so there's another 4 yards of top added to the kit) - and all in a lovely carrying pouch!

Price: $41.99

For someone who already knows how to spin the basics and wants to expand their skill set, this Learn to Spin Silk Kit comes with a fabulous book on spinning silk and I've paired it with a lovely hank of 100% tussah silk to make an elegant XMAS gift!

Price: $39.99

And what spinner doesn't love to spin Blue Faced Leceister?! Why not pick up a 4 oz hank of this lovely hand-dyed fiber at the shop for the spinner in your life. Its enough that the spinner could then knit a hat or cowl, pair of mittens or wristwarmers! And they'll have hours of pleasure spinning and then knitting it!

ATTN Spinners and Felters: Anyone who spins or felts NEEDS more than hand cards to really have fun playing with color and blends of different fibers. While drum carders (which we stock and have ready to go under the tree this year as well) are out of price point for many, a Blending Board is a perfect solution - it gives the spinner or felter lots of room to play and experiment without breaking the bank. But it is still something rather special so a lot of spinners and felters wouldn't buy it for themselves - even tho' they will have a hard time putting it away once they have one!

Why not weave this winter?

Don't miss out on the popularity of both Tapestry Weaving and Weaving on a Rigid Heddle loom.And what a great creative outlet to share with a family member this season! You know its going to be a long winter before the vaccine is available, so take up something new at XMAS and the winter months will fly by!!

Tapestry Weaving Frames - various sizes from award winning children's lap looms to large wooden frames geared for adults.

We have this Potholder Loom "kit" which includes the metal frame, loops and a book with lots of great patterns - as well as stocking both the traditional (small) and PRO (large) potholder looms and a full variety of loops in designer colors, pastels, brights, solids, etc!

And for those of you more interested in trying your hand at weaving shawls, scarves, tea towels, table runners, placemats, etc this winter - even fabric to cut and sew - we've got a couple of 24" Rigid Heddle Looms (and stands, if you like) in stock for the holidays! There is so much you can weave on this simple loom! This is always a holiday favorite at the store, so don't delay since supply and delivery may be questionable given the rising cases of covid worldwide. I've got 2 in stock today (Nov 18th) and 2 more on order, but who knows about shipments moving forward!

For the dyers in your life

These amazing books will light up anyone's winter blues with inspiration from traditional natural dyers from around the world. Think ahead to the summer's Natural Dye and Indigo shibori classes here at the shop and spend your winter reading about the traditions and techniques from around the world!

Price True Colors: $39.99

Price Cotton on Indigo: $34.99

I've put together this Indigo Shibori Book kit - complete with a skein of yarn, a piece of cotton fabric, indigo, and the reducing agent, instructions and a great book featuring shibori techniques and ideas - everything one needs (except the water, heat and a stainless steel pot!) for someone to start having fun with shibori!

Price: $45.99

And last, but not least needle felting

We've got 40 different beginner kits for needle felters in stock - from tapestry style to 3-D. All in the $20 - $40 range. And then we have large and elaborate tapestries as well (over $150) that could make a great winter project for the entire family to work on!! Kind of a break from the old holiday puzzle routine!

This newest book on needle felting offers detailed instructions for needle felting some AMAZING animals - from the barnyard to the wild to those you'd find making themselves at home in your living room!

Price: $21.99

I've put together a Learn to Needle Felt Kit including this basic book on needle felting, a Jack-Pot bag of fiber (21 colors), a hi density foam mat to needle on and a set of 4 felting needles so you can get someone else addicted to this fun and creative outlet!

Price: $54.99