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Tapestry weaving Looms

Tapestry weaving seems to be gaining in popularity. Weaving everything from locks to mawattas, pinecones to straw! Contemporary weavers are having fun incorporating wool top/roving along with traditional yarns for interesting wall hangings and art works.

We have 4 styles of looms available providing a range of sizes (and investment!).


These are the smallest and require the least investment and are definitely geared more toward little fingers. Designed for kids, they feature a small frame size ( 7 x 10") and, like the larger Lap Looms below, come with some warp and a small amount of colored yarns to play with!

Price: $25.00

Peg Loom- 7" x 10: $25.00


Lap Looms

We offer 2 sizes of these popular looms. Lap Loom A offers a weaving dimension of 12" x 16" while Lap Loom B offers a larger frame of 14.5 x 18.5".

Both come with some tapestry warp and some bright yarn colors to start with, as well as a stick shuttle to weave with.

Lap Loom A 12"x 16" : $48.00

Lap Loom B 14.5" x 18.5" : $58.00

Tapestry Looms

Ashford's Tapestry Loom This floor standing model is available in widths of 21"(small) or 40" (large). The adjustable tilt allows for comfortable angle to suit any physique and preference and allows for faster threading. Warp tension system. Without a beam to store warp, you are limited to weaving lengths of 26" and 29" on the small and large versions, respectively.

The frames can be purchased separately from the stand, or together.

please call for current prices. 802-288-8081