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Tapestry weaving Looms

Tapestry weaving seems to be gaining in popularity. Weaving everything from locks to mawattas, pinecones to straw! Contemporary weavers are having fun incorporating wool top/roving along with traditional yarns for interesting wall hangings and art works.

We have several styles of looms available providing a range of sizes and price points, some "kits" that come with lots of accessories and instruction and some geared for kids. Scroll down thru all 9 items before you make a decision!!


These are the smallest and require the least investment and are definitely geared more toward little fingers. Designed for kids, they feature a small frame size ( 7 x 10") and, like the larger Lap Looms below, come with some warp and a small amount of colored yarns to play with!

Price: $25.00

Peg Loom- 7" x 10: $25.00


Lap Looms

We offer 2 sizes of these popular looms. Lap Loom A offers a weaving dimension of 12" x 16" while Lap Loom B offers a larger frame of 14.5 x 18.5".

Both come with some tapestry warp and some bright yarn colors to start with, as well as a stick shuttle to weave with.

Lap Loom A 12"x 16" : $48.00

Lap Loom B 14.5" x 18.5" : $58.00



Ashford Weaving Frame - Large $64.99

This sturdy wooden frame is a larger version of the Harrisville "lap looms" featured above. This frame provides a weaving size of 27"x 19" for larger wall hangings, pillow covers, etc.

Purchase this, along with a cone of Tapestry Warp, and we'll throw in a 4 oz,m color coordinated bag of assorted yarn samples for the new weaver to play with to see how textures and different yarns work.



Ashford Weaving Frame-Small $54.99

Like the large Ashford weaving frame above, this one is made from a lovely and sturdy wood. But this frame is 13" x 9" , offering a great option for weaving small vignettes for wall hangings, or, for weaving pieces that could be sewn together into bags.

Purchase this, along with a cone of Tapestry Warp, and we'll throw in a 4 oz,m color coordinated bag of assorted yarn samples for the new weaver to play with to see how textures and different yarns work.



I can get much larger Tapestry Looms from several dealers and have them drop shipped to you. As these are less frequently purchased compared to the "frames" above, I don't often have them in stock. But I can easily get them for you.

please call for current prices. 802-288-8081


This Faire Tapestry Weaving Frame has adjustable beams so you can tighten the warp readily and it comes with a tapestry beater, a couple of stick shuttles, shed regulator, scissors AND is already prewarped so you can just dig right in!

Plus you get some extra tapestry warp for your next couple of projects!

Approx loom width: 9 x 12

Price: $59.99


These clever Tapestry Weaving Kits come packaged with GREAT basic instructions for weaving tapestries (as well as some creative ways to incorporate roving) as well as 5 colors of yarn (the yarn isn't anything special but it is something to experiment with and then you can have fun from your stash or come here for lots of choices!) to play with. AND the accessories you need all pop out of this die cut plyboard neatly!

A great gift for the child in your life that wants to get started weaving. I gifted one to my grand niece for her 8th birthday in July and she whipped thru the first weaving and by all accounts, enjoyed it . What a great way for you to use up your yarn stash, bits and pieces and even get creative using roving, locks and other fun embellishments!

Loom dimensions approx 9X12

Price: $39.99



This Tapestry Loom Stand for the table top is a great aid for helping tapestry weavers neck, back and posture while weaving!! And instead of having to bend over while you work with your frame flat on a table or on your lap, this also frees up your hands for more efficient and improved weaving.

This frame will hold the Ashford Small weaving frame (above) as well as the Faire Tapestry Frame and the Weaving kit immediately above, as well as the small Harrisville Lap Loom at the top of the page.

Adjustable for many sizes of looms as well as adjustable for the angle you want to weave at!

Price: 44.99