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Rigid Heddle Looms

With a rigid heddle loom many designs are possible in plain weave....stripes, plaids, juxtaposing different textures and weights of yarn, even playing with sett differences and simple hand-controlled lace weaves are possible.

We stock the 24" width Ashford model, as well as the 16" Sample It loom by the same manufacturer.

The 24" gives you the most bang for your buck, but a lot of people like the smaller one for it's ease of portability. And if you don't need the additional 8" of weaving width, you can save yourself some money with the 16" width.

Both feature a nice wooden frame, secure brakes and a nice wide shed (compared to some of the other rigid heddle brands out there!).

So if you are interested in weaving scarves and small wall hangings, go with the 16".

But with the 24" width you can do pieces of fabric to cut and sew, shawls, tea towels, pillow covers in addition to scarves.

Both are easy to use and quick to set up. They can be warped without a warping board and come with some accessories to get you going (sley hook, stick shuttle).An optional stand can be purchased if after weaving a bit on your table top you decide you'd like that. And additional reed sizes can be purchased for using heavier or finer yarns in the warp.

For a less expensive way to get involved with weaving, check out our Potholder Loom

We also have peg looms, lap looms and lapestry looms available!


Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle Loom: $229.00


Sample It 16" Loom: $180.00