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Rigid Heddle Looms

With a rigid heddle loom many designs are possible in plain weave....stripes, plaids, juxtaposing different textures and weights of yarn, even playing with sett differences and simple hand-controlled lace weaves are possible.

We stock the 24" width in both the Ashford and the Kromski Harp models, although we can certainly order other sizes. Both models are easy to use and quick to set up. Both can be warped without a warping board and both come with some accessories to get you going (sley hook, stick shuttle). They both have optional stands that can be purchased and both have additional reeds that can be purchased for using heavier or finer yarns in the warp.

For an even less expensive way to get involved with weaving, check out our Potholder Looms and our Inklette Looms.

Ashford Sample It Loom: 129.00

This newest of rigid heddle looms we stock offers a less expensive entry into the market and still provides a great many options for creativity. Well made with all the features of the 24" loom shown below, this smaller loom offers an 8" weaving width....perfect for scarves and sampling. Whether you are an experienced weaver and just want a really portable (2.5 lbs) loom for samples or taking to workshops, or you want to learn to weave, this loom is a great choice for the price. Comes with a 7.5 dpi reed, 2 stick shuttles and a learn to weave booklet. Minimal assembly required.


Ashford 24" Rigid Heddle Loom: $215.00

This has been a popular model. It is easy to warp (all tools included) and comes with a stick shuttle, sley hook, instruction book and a 10.5 dpi reed.