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Pandemic Project: Stitch in Place as we Shelter in Place

Learn a basic shibori stitching process and stitch up either a lovely Wool/Bamboo Shawl or recycle a pillow case or old sheet and then make a great market bag or a pillow with your shibori!

You can purchase the sashiko needles here, and even thread if you don't have any at home to use. I usually use the sashiko thread for decorative surface stitching, but in a pinch, you could use it for shibori.

Stitch it up while we isolate using this video as a guide. And then once this is behind us -or more likely, we have figured out a safe way to manage covid-19 - come join me here for a Post Pandemic Indigo Dip and dip your stitched shawl or yard of fabric into the vat here at the shop. That way we can gather together and share in the fun of seeing everyone's designs appear as we open the stitching together!

There are 4 videos below that walk you thru the Pandemic Project Concept and Supplies Needed, the Design Possibilities, and the Techniques. Please watch in this order.

Introduction & Supplies Needed


Miru Shibori Design Possibilities




Oops! I forgot this demo....



Separating tog from thel in an Icelandic fleece

It's easy and gives you one fiber that is soft and crimpy and great for "next to the skin" projects and another fiber that is great for spinning a yarn with great stitch definition and durability. And both fibers are great for felting!


Long Tail Cast On Tips n' Tricks


Duplicate Stitch


Short Row Shaping


Side Seams in Stockinette Stitch


Side Seams in Garter Stitch


Continental Knitting


Picking up a dropped stitch


Stitch Gauge: why it's important and how to read in stockinette stitch


Reading stitch gauge in garter stitch, over cables or lace


Reading row gauge & where it is important


Ripping out your knitting- YIKES! (stitch by stitch & by rows)


Increases in Knitting (raised bar, Make 1, YO, K1B - knit 1 below)


Video Library


Fun Exercises


Coming Soon

  • Picking up Stithces for a button band/along an edge
  • Picking up Stitches around a neckline
  • Magic Loop
  • Pulling Wisps for Felting : Shingling vs. Crosshatching