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Separating tog from thel in an Icelandic fleece

It's easy and gives you one fiber that is soft and crimpy and great for "next to the skin" projects and another fiber that is great for spinning a yarn with great stitch definition and durability. And both fibers are great for felting!


Long Tail Cast On Tips n' Tricks


Duplicate Stitch


Short Row Shaping


Side Seams in Stockinette Stitch


Side Seams in Garter Stitch


Continental Knitting


Picking up a dropped stitch


Stitch Gauge: why it's important and how to read in stockinette stitch


Reading stitch gauge in garter stitch, over cables or lace


Reading row gauge & where it is important


Ripping out your knitting- YIKES! (stitch by stitch & by rows)


Increases in Knitting (raised bar, Make 1, YO, K1B - knit 1 below)


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Fun Exercises


Coming Soon

  • Picking up Stithces for a button band/along an edge
  • Picking up Stitches around a neckline
  • Magic Loop
  • Pulling Wisps for Felting : Shingling vs. Crosshatching