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Sorry....I need to better organize this page now that I have so many new ones but until I do, the newest videos will be at the top

Long Tail Cast On Tips n' Tricks


Duplicate Stitch

Short Row Shaping

Side Seams in Stockinette Stitch

Side Seams in Garter Stitch

Continental Knitting

Picking up a dropped stitch

Stitch Gauge: why it's important and how to read in stockinette stitch

Reading stitch gauge in garter stitch, over cables or lace


Reading row gauge & where it is important

Ripping out your knitting- YIKES! (stitch by stitch & by rows)

Increases in Knitting (raised bar, Make 1, YO, K1B - knit 1 below)

Video Library

Cast On Techniques - Basic (long tail and 2 needle cast ons)

Kihnu Cast On -Decorative & A Bit Tricky

Provisional Cast On - Crochet Chain

Knitting with Beads

The Burn Test

Knitting with Silk Hankies.....I can't figure out how to get this one into my website....but you can find it on YouTube on my vermontfelter channel.

Silk Videos

Felting Videos

Spinning Videos

How to Wash Fleece

Shetland Yarn.....what does this really mean here


Fun Exercises

Color with a group

Coming Soon.....

Picking up Stithces for a button band/along an edge

Picking up Stitches around a neckline

Magic Loop

Pulling Wisps for Felting : Shingling vs. Crosshatching