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Vermont Border Leicester/BFL/Pygora

Pygora fiber is wonderfully soft. The fiber comes from the animal created by crossing a pygmy goat and an angora goat. The fiber from these animals can range from a lustrous lock, similar to but finer than mohair, to a short and incredibly soft down approaching cashmere. Based on the fiber characteristics, it is called Type A (defined lock like mohair, but finer micrometer), Type B (between A and C) , and Type C (most like cashmere).

In this blend, I have used Type B pygora and blended it with Vermont Border Leicester and Blue Faced Leicester. Border Leicester is a long wool known for it's luster. Blue Faced Leicester (BFL), like BL is from the same long wool stock, but has been bred for a finer micrometer count. All three fibers are lustrous. The blend is beautiful to spin and the fineness of the pygora softens the Border Leicester (usually mid 30s micron) and BFL (typically mid 20s).

This batch spins up to a medium brown. And it is light enough in fiber to over dye to colors with a beautiful earthy undertone. Price per 8 ounces: $34