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St Blaise Combs

These combs are no longer being made and I am sold out.

These double row combs are made in a lovely cherry wood. They can be used hand-held or secured in the mount included to easily pull fiber off with a diz, or simply if you wish to comb the fiber from a stationary position as is customary with English combs. These are very solidly made and close up safely when not in important feature!

Made here in Vermont and named for the poor Armenian physician and priest murdered by wool combs in 317, the St. Blaise combs weigh approx. 6 oz. each, have 25 tines, set 1/4" on center, in two rows. The tines are polished steel, 3 3/4" high and 3/32" in diameter and finely tapered. The overall working width of the comb is 3". They are designed for a very wide range of fibers (should cover about 90% of all your combing needs) from kid mohair to Navaho churro.

The table mount is supplied with the combs and meant to be clamped to a table ( the C-clamps are not included, but available at any hardware store if you don't happen to have a set hanging around the house). There was great discussion about the table mount at SOAR (Spin Off Autumn Retreat) last week.....if you bought the combs alone (I do not sell them this way because you really need/want the table mount) you cannot order just the table mount (unless you bring your combs directly to the maker since the table mount must be custom fit for security reasons). If you see the combs alone for sale somewhere...yes, they are a little less expensive, but do yourself a favor for the long run and buy the combs WITH THE TABLE MOUNT as seen here.

The combs do not come with the must order them separately. If you want both, you must order them both.

(I point this out boldly because I used to combine the diz with the combs on line and not offer them separately, but then customers thought I was charging more for my combs compared to other online stores that sold the parts separately).

Price for the diz (includes 3 holes for 3 sizes of sliver and a threading hook for the diz): $20 each. The diz sometimes comes with a threading hook as shown, and other times with a threading hook handle crafted from a decorative two are necessarily alike on the handle.


Diz Price: $22