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Dyed Silk Caps & Hankies (mawattas)

silk cap

Both these "caps" and "hankies" (sometimes called mawattas) are 100% silk. They are created by stretching the silk cocoons over either a conical frame (for the caps) or a square frame (hankies). . These are great for knitting, weaving, spinning and felting. You can knit directly from them, lay them in the shed for an interesting weft, spin yarn from them and use them as embellishments in felting. In each case they add color, strength and luster to your project. They can even be used by themselves in making silk paper. There are approximately 20 cocoons per bag.

We usually have 8-12 colors in stock, but they must be ordered over the phone. Some people prefer caps and others hankies and others don't care and it was proving difficult to keep the stock of each color in each form so it is best to call the order in and then we can tell you over the phone whether we have the colors your interested in in hankies or caps. It may not matter to you, but it does to some people which form they get, so calling in the order is the only way we can manage this item right now.



Price: $7/bag