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Silk Bricks

This100% bombyx silk is in the form of a "brick". This type of silk is very wide and originally comes in about a 4 -4.4 ounce package that looks like a brick, hence the name.

When I dye them, I split them into 2 2 oz pieces.

The longest and most lustrous of the silk forms, bricks can be tricky to spin but the drape and luster make it worth the effort. It is also wonderful for Silk Paper making and gorgeous as a surface in felting projects! Opened up, they are approximately 12-15 inches wide and about 2.5-3 yds long. Each HALF brick is 2 ozs.

Price: $34.99

Silk Bricks

blue violet

carribean waters





turquoise blue

Dyed Silk Bricks