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Silk Bricks - updated 7/24/18

I am out of this fiber at present but am expecting a shipment of several kilos shortly. I hope to have some of it dyed and the dyed and white available for shipment by August 13th.

I will dye what I feel like at the moment if there are no specific colors customers are looking for - SO...If you have some special requests for colors you think would be of interest to you, email me at to put in your suggestions. What is helpful is to know what hue (color) and how dark or light or medium you think is appealing. And also, if you think more variegateds(purple, green blue) or tonals (various shades of the same color) are more appealing.


The longest and most lustrous of the silk forms, bricks can be tricky to spin but the drape and luster make it worth the effort. It is also wonderful for Silk Paper making and gorgeous as a surface in felting projects! Opened up, they are approximately 12-15 inches wide and about 2.5-3 yds long. Each HALF brick is approx.2.5 ozs. Price: $34.99















Dyed Silk Bricks