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Northern Lights

This easy-to-spin fiber comes in a vibrant range of colors and spins up incredibly easily. I've also used it in felting, mostly as an embellishment since it is a fine pencil roving. The scarf below, designed by Judy, was felted using Northern lights. It has a lovely drape and great hand. You can get a better view of the colors by clicking on the photo for an enlarged view. 8 oz bags: $30/bag...


judy's scarf in northern lights sweater swatch

firemoss, forest glade, wild iris

(be sure to click on the photo...forest glad has more green in it than you see from this resolution)

reading top row first and left to right:

toffiee-(sold out), pastels, cactus(sold out)

autumn twilight-(sold out), violets, wild berry

off to the right: thunderstorm


missing from photos, but also available:


cotton candy, caramel, tutti-fruitti

icy winter, rainbow

pastels, ocean waves


Note: pastels is shown in both photos and although they call it pastels, it doesn't look anything like what one would consider "pastels"...these colors are bright and saturated, not soft and pale!