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Eri, Peduncle & Muga Silks

These rarer silks are vailable in their natural colors, but certainly can be dyed. Overdyeing the Muga silk will result in colors with earth-toned undertones because of the caramel starting color whereas the white eri will dye "clearer".

And why overdye the lovely red eri or rich peduncle silk!?

The Eri and Muga are silks spun from wild type silk moths in Northern India. The Eri silk is spun from the Philosamina ricini silk worm. This feels as fine as bombyx silk, but is not quite as slippery. It is lovely and soft. The Muga is coarser than the Eri or Bombyx, but feels softer than Tussah silk (another wild type). The Antherea Assama silkworm which spins this silk eats leaves like som and soalu (which have tannins in them) so this one has the lovely honey color.

These forms are literally "picked" wild from the shrubs and trees in the area....they are not cultivated by the millions as the bombyx mori silkworms are, so they can be more expensive.

Peduncle silk is a lovely dark brown color. It is a shorter staple silk harvested from the first silk spun by the tassar silkworm - the stalk that holds the cocoon. It has a lovely sheen and soft hand.

Prices as below

Eri & Muga Silks


Muga, Red Eri , White Eri


tussah silk, peduncle silk, red eri silk

Muga-8.50/.5 oz

Red Eri Silk -14.50/1 oz

White Eri -10.99/1 oz

Peduncle Silk - 8.50/.5 oz

Tussah - 7.99/ 1 oz