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I stock the Kromski Sonata and Fantasia (this is the newest model and has been delayed but the manufacturer tells me they'll be in by early May), but can certainly order any of the other models you may be interested in.


sonata wheel sonata bag


The Sonata is a very portable wheel which comes with a terrific padded shoulder bag for ease and safety in transporting it to a friend's house, the spinning guild meeting or to SOAR, if you're lucky enough!

With ratios of 6.7, 12.5, and 14 : 1, it comes with a built in Lazy Kate, 3 bobbins, spinning oil, an elastic drive band. Featuring scotch tension and additional flyers...both jumbo and has lots of room for you to grow into.


This is the newest Kromski new, it hasn't arrived yet! But it will come with 2 ratios (5 and 8:1) and additional whorls available which offer you ratios of 10, 14 18, and 20:1. A bit less expensive than the Sonata (it has no bag, fewer ratios, and most of all is veneered MDF, not solid wood and therefore also a bit heavier at 13.5 lbs) but features a quick bobbin change new single drive flyer design. Check back for more details once it arrives!

We also can order any of the following models, tho' at this time, we don't stock them:

Mistrel - ratios of 6.5, 8.5, 12, and 16: 1.

Prelude - saxony style with ratios of 6, 10, and 13: 1

Mazurka - castle style with ratios of 6, 8, 10 and 12 :1

The Polonaise - saxony style of Poland/Scandinavia with ratios of 8, 12, 16, & 20:1

Symphony - saxony with ratios of 7.5, 10, 16, and 20:1

A variety of finished and unfinished woods are available, so if you'd like to discuss them further or want to order one, please call us at 1-802-288-8081