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Karakul is certainly not known for being fine or soft! It is the sheep typical of the central asian plateau and it felts great! It also would be great for spinning rug warp for those of you spinners that are also weavers.

I have felted Karakul for rugs in the past and used it recently between layers of Border Leceister (not my favorite felter) to add structure and stability to this bag. In addition, because the Karakul felted so much faster than the Border Leceister, I was able to get lots of texture on the surface of the bag as the Karakul fibers grabbed hold and pinched in the Border Leceister. So if you like have a project in mind that you want to felt quickly and have a good durability and great structure to, consider layering a bit of this wool between your surface fiber as I did here. The bag is soft and lustrous because of the Border Leceister surface, but has a nice density and structure to it. And it was a breeze to felt (as your felting hands age you will begin to appreciate this!)

$10//8 ounces