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Handpainted Corriedale Top

This new handpainted top is a great basic breed - Corriedale.

Put up in 100 gm hanks, so spun to a worsted weight gauge, you'd have enough for a hat or mittens from just 1!

And if you choose to felt it, I'd use 2-3 for a pair of slippers. But how much you use for felting, of course, depends on how thick or thin you want your project to be!

You can't beat this price point! Corriedale is easy to spin, felts ok, and is a great value.

If you'd like something with a nicer hand for a softer drape if you're knitting (or a bit more lustre if you're felting) check out the same colors in the Polwarth Silk Top.

Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can really appreciate the colors!

Price: $14.00 per 100 gm hank

Corriedale Top

fairy tale, spring fling, throwback

tofino, blueberry cobler, aurora, celestial