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So the Gotland you purchase in the US is being developed by crossing semen from Gotland sheep from the isle of Gotland in the Baltic Sea to one of 10 (at one point I was told 5, then I saw on the Am Got Assoc on their site that indicates 11) foundation breeds being allowed by the American Gotland society. Some of the foundation breeds allowed are Finn, Shetland, Border Leceister, for example.

So while the 5 or 6 generations (I think it is 5 you need to get to >90% Gotland genes?) are happening to develop this breed here in the US, there are interesting crosses "en route"!

This is one of them. I was retty sure that this farm was using Icelandic as the foundation breed- so you can see that this fleece (which is considered 87% Gotland at this point) still has quite a bit of mixed color (grue Gotland are completely silver grey as adults) and the tips of many of these locks feature a curlicue of brown! So this lovely grey, white, cream, and tipped brown "in between' fleece is really interesting. I have since found out from the breeder from whom I purchased this fleece that she is using Border Leceister as her foundation breed. So that was a surprise to me given all the lovely little brown curlicues in this fleece. Tho' I think I may have picked out the best of these for my own projects leaving what locks are more typical of "Gotland" for customers - silky, lustrous, and a gorgeous silvery grey!


Each 1 oz bag is $6.99



this photo shows some of the locks that I separated so you can see the lock structure, color variation, luster and the curlicue ends!