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Gora Gora Yakelcashel Luxury Fiber Kit

A fun way to try spinning or felting a variety of the luxury fibers.

This kit includes 6 luxury fibers.....angora, cashgora, yak, alpaca, cashmere, and baby camel, hence the kit's name!

Each fiber is a treat to spin and/or felt.

The hat shown below was knit from the yarn spun from a kit.

The very old vest shown below was made years ago from the SCRAPS (pictured below) of felt cut away from sheets of felt I made for a jacket. I originally laid out a very fine layer of merino wool as a base, then added very fine wisps of the fibers from this Luxury Fiber Kit on the surface of the merino and then added wisps of silk on top of that and felted it. A quilter saw all the scraps in the garbage can that were left after I cut out the pieces for the jacket and she showed me how to freeform stitch them all together to make a new sheet of fabric - from which I made this vest!

Price $21.99

Gora Gora Yakelcashel Luxury Fiber Kit