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Hand-Dyed Merino Bombyx

This luxurious 50% bombyx silk and 50% merino wool top is available in glorious hand-dyed colors. This blend is as beautiful worked into fine felted fabric or "nuno" felting projects as it is hand spun and woven or knitted into a lovely shawl!

Lustrous and soft, a 2 oz hank goes a long way when used as an accent in felt - and even used by itself, 1 hank will cover two 54" widths of 36" wide silk gauze.

And hand spun as a fine fingering/sport weight, you can knit a lovely shawl with just 2 hanks.

And if you want to make each hand dyed hank go a bit further either in your felt or spinning, then, supplement a hank of this luxury fiber with some merino top.

Price: $23.99 per 2 oz hank

Hand-Dyed Merino Bombyx

merino-bombyx handpainted top

primrose, iris, bubblegum

merino bombyx handpainted top colors 3-6

octopus, periwinkle, taos

merino bombyx handpainted top colors 7-9

arroyo, buckskin, mohave, nosegay

merino bombyx handpainted top colors 10 - 13

lagoon, african savanna, mermaid

merino bombyx handpainted top colors

hyacinth, cactus flower, mary's bouquet


coral reef, fall, embers

Price per 100 gm Wheel: $21.95