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Hand-dyed Blue Faced Leceister Top

This100% Blue Faced Leceister wool top is hand-dyed here in Vermont. It spins and felts up beautifully and features a lovely hand...soft enough that many people can wear it next to the skin, but because it is a longwool, it wears (stands up to abrasion) really well so is great for outwear too.

I've felted slippers with it before as well as spun it to knit mittens with, and enjoyed it both ways!

Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them so you can see the colors better - there are so many to choose from!

Each hank is 4 oz.

Price: $23.00

Hand-dyed Blue Faced Leceister Top

cactus, caravan, rainy day, freya, artemis

potash, loke, atlantis1, atlantis2, baldur

cottage garden, brown paper, stained glass, scarecrow, black vine

balsam, cathedral, hespera, brooklyn, desert rose

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