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Drop Spindles

For now we stock the Louet top whorl basic spindle and the Ashford small and large spindles, as well as the Kundert Spindles in exotic woods and Cascade spindles. Check back as we add more brands to the stash! If you're interested in a kit that includes a basic Louet spindle, fiber to spin and instructions, check out this page.


Shasta, Tiger, Cougar

Shasta: small and lightweight it is excelent for medium to very fine fibers. Long shaft and rim weighted. Poplar balsam with a walnut shaft:



Tiger: A small, lightweight spindle for fine fibers and exotics like cashmere! Zebrawood gives it it's eye-catching appeal. Under .5 oz



Cougar: Tiger's twin....a petite and lightweight spindle for fine fiber. Rim weighted with a high speed spin.

Made of pomelle bubinga and weighing .5 oz or less!



Cascade Needles:

Maxi (shown left)


1.5 ounce


Mini (shown right)


7/8 ounce


Iridescent koa, beads and bling decorate the rims of these top whorl spindles so when it is spinning, little light sparkles from the spindle! Very magical.

Rim-weighted for a lovely spin.

St. Helen & Little Si

St. Helens: Crater shaped whorl reminds us of the crater on a volcano! Unusual black-line spalt and fiddleback maple woods with a walnut shaft. 7/8-1 1/8 oz. Spins forever




Little Si: A great well balanced beginner's spindle made of madrona cherry. approx 1.5 oz




Baker (shown left) and Shuksan (shown right)

both are rim weighted ....

and fast, long spinners at 1 - 1 3/8 oz.



Baker: laminated yellowheart and walnut,


Shuksan: Mirror-like paduk/cherry whorl with a birch shaft.



Ashford Top Whorl Drop Spindles

50 mm and 70 mm sizes...the smaller one is better suited to spinning finer yarn and the heavier one is better suited to heavier yarn.

Ashford 50 mm Spindle:  $17


Ashford 70mm Spindle:




Mt. Ranier and Pilchuck

Rainier: Cascade's signature spindle in flame wood with a walnut shaft and weighing from 7/8 - 1 3/8 oz.



Pilchuck: The ultimate plying spindle it is engineered for easily controlled, consistent and long spin. Made of maple and rim weighted....a long shaft

weight < 1 7/8 oz.