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Silk Videos

if you've never heard of Eri Silk or Muga Silk or don't know what the heck Reeled Silk this first video for an overview of the different silks....then scroll down to see another video on how to use Silk Carrier Rods and then further down if you want to see how to incorporate some of these fun silks into yarn!

Overview of Various Forms of Silk Fiber Available at the store


Silk Carrier Rods: What they are and how to Spin & Felt with them


Adding Reeled & Pulled Silk to your Art Batts for spinning:

Video Library


Fun Exercises


Coming Soon

  • Picking up Stithces for a button band/along an edge
  • Picking up Stitches around a neckline
  • Magic Loop
  • Pulling Wisps for Felting : Shingling vs. Crosshatching