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Here are some photos in no particular order, and unfortunately not of every participant's finished work since some of the photos were too dark to share.

Here you see Andy weaving a basket from an absolutely gorgeous piece of green silk paper he made, left, and on the right you see the basket along with a couple of the other pieces of silk paper he made as well as a checkbook cover he made using the silk paper.

Here are photos of Janette's basket, notebooks and extra pieces of paper, left, and a similar photo of the silk paper pieces, basket and notebooks that Martine created.

Here you see 2 sides of a felt bag I made the night before the Silk Paper class so that I had a sample to show how you can actually wet felt silk paper into wool while felting it, as well as how finished silk paper can actually be machine (or hand) stitched onto the bag after the fact.

The backyard looked so colorful with all the pieces of silk paper hanging out to dry...if you look closely at the photos you can see that the silk paper is sandwiched between 2 layers of tulle as it dries so here the pieces don't look so clear and lustrous as they do once they are removed from the tulle and pressed.Although you see lots of great colors hanging in the pictures above, everyone in class also made a large sheet that was in undyed silks and it they used both tussah and bombyx silks and then embellished with dried flowers etc...