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Rug Hooking Supplies

As I was sorting thru some boxes over "shelterin in place" I cam across a few rug hooking supplies that I'd like to get rid of. The cutter is already gone, but I have the following sets of hand dyed fabric (most of it dyed by Bev Conway who taught here years ago) I'd like to find a new home for the fabric.

The wool is 100% wool and it is all hand dyed. some has a plaid or herringbone or check weave beneath the dye - the rest is dyed over solid white. I believe she used Dorr Mill wool for the base. Each piece was priced differently - seems like the rug hookers do it that way like the quilters. Where the quilters have a "fat quarter" that is a set size, hookers seem to have slight variation in their sizes - hence the different prices per piece. But I measured 5 or 6 of these to get an idea - they all seem to be 16-18" wide and range from 25 - 29" long - as expected the pieces I measured that had a $7.50 price tag on them were about 17-18" wide and 29" long and the $6 pieces were the 16" - 24-25" long.

I have grouped them by colors to sell them. The first 4 sets are of 10 pieces each. The original prices on each piece range from 6 - 7.50. They are in good shape (were kept in a cool place in sealed zippered bags-no moth problems). So the original price of each set (and I purchased these a few years ago, so no doubt they would cost more now) would be about $67.50 based on averaging the prices. I'm offering each at $45. I will not break sets - if it gets down to nit picking pieces, I'd just as soon give them to a friend. So they are sold in sets as shown. The second set of fabrics are bundled in groups of 7 for $30 and below that are various kits and also some patterns on monkscloth! So scroll down!

Each of these first four sets of 10 fabric squares each are now only $45 (the pieces in each range in price from $6 - $7.50 at their original price and nothing has been used from them).

Group A. This first set has a lot of blue/purples in it tho' they look black in the little photo, so be sure to click on the photo to reveal the larger picture.

Group B. Plaids, herringbones and kettle dyed, this is a lovely set of greens and golds - seems like it would be great for a landscape.

Group C. SOLD plaids, kettle dyed and tweeds in lovely warm shades.

Group D. SOLD more plaids, tweeds and kettle dyed in a "brickier" group of reds with some lovely flesh tones.

10 piece collections 100% wool originally about $67 value: now just $45



These next 2 collections have 7 pieces only - these are $30 each (again, each piece was originally in the $6 - $7.50 range) These are now $30 each

Group A - lovely reds, oranges and pinks.

Group B - photo missing - I'll get it posted tonight (5/27)

7 piece collections 100% wool for rug hooking - orginal value about $47 - now just $30


Here are 2 ktis - the kits include the pattern on monkscloth and directions - but not the fabric strips

I have three of these hooked hat kits available. One of my customers wears hers all the time and it is wonderul. Originally I think these were $22 - Price now: $10

This kit is for a hooked bag. Both front and back are hooked, so there is a lot of monkscloth here and the design is a wonderfully dense floral. Instructions include how to sew the hooked pieces to make a wonderful bag. This was originally $28 or $30 - now, Price: $10


Here are some patterns only - but you might use the monkscloth for your own pattern, I suppose, if you didn't care about the design. I dont' know what monkscloth sells for these days? But maybe this is a deal?

This 3 horsemen rug design is 19.5 x 36" finished. Although she showed it in almost a monotype color palette, I had originally intended to make it much more colorful - and maybe even put mallets in their hands as an ode to my polo playing years! Price: $15

This is a popular "Star" rug pattern that Bev designed. I've seen it hooked many times over and because there are so many creative ways to play with the stars in each square - and their background - it always looks great. If I ever thought I would hook again, this is the pattern I'd do myslef. The design/finished rug is 25 x 38. Price: $15

This pattern called Music in the Stars features an angel with a horn amidst stars, bordered. I love this pattern too, but since I don't really celebrate the holidays and it seems like a "festive" rug, it would be lost in my home! It measures 18 x 40 and was originally $30. Buy it today for $15.00








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