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About once a quarter, I try to get a group of friends together to "play". Sometimes it is felting, sometimes dyeing, eco-printing or stitching. Whatever we want to explore.

The last two times we gathered, we've been experimenting with how to "print", using blocks, with natural dyes (including indigo). And we've tried some mud-cloth like experiments with the indigo.

And mixing various shibori techniques.

And combining indigo with other natural dye colors.

You get the idea - it really is "play" so we work lots of samples and swatches.

Here are just a few of the photos of a few of the pieces we did this past Sunday and Monday.

p.s. If you're interested in learning some natural dyeing this summer, I'm offering a 2 day workshop in July, Details can be found here.

some traditional itajime

playing around with some mud...

combining some methods

first attempt at printing with indigo - definitiely need to add more indigo to the paste, but the first photo shows the print after steaming and the second photo shows it after allowing the reaction to happen in cold water.

indigo over osage orange

some successful (well, more or less!) printing with a natural dye I got in Morocco. Our technique for printing with natural dyes is improving as we experiment with different approaches

. and the first pictured result became the second pictured scarf after I decided the first one was too "white" and I clamped in a different pattern and dipped a second time into indigo!

and a couple of aprons I played with mud on and then popped into the indigo vat...