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Online Workshops Overview

Thank you for your interest in our online Workshops.

Each of these workshops allows you to work thru the steps at your own pace. You can stop, fast forward, rewind and rewatch the videos as often as you like at whatever hour of the day or evening you like!

Each of these workshops includes extensive handouts, complete videos, supporting text/discussion and also access to a weekly Q&A with the instructor.

Each of these workshop runs for at least 3 months (the online dye workshop runs for 4 months), providing you ample opportunity to work thru each module

Each of these workshops is "housed" in an online, private blog thru which you can view the videos, can post questions and read my answers and also what other participants questions have been and how I have answered those.

None of the workshops are refundable, so please do not register for them unless you have the time to work thru them or you do not have basic computer skills.

All you must have to participate in the workshops is a reliable internet connection thru which you can view You-tube and/or Vimeo videos. Since some people who have private servers cannot access such videos, please be sure that you can view such videos thru the device (I-pad, I-phone, computer) you intend to use for the workshop. You can test that device here.

Lastly, you will need to have a gmail email account and you need to provide that address to me at the time you reigster. If you do not have a gmail address then you can find instructions here about how to create one.

I currently offer 3 online workshops:

Felt Boots - class is running 12/15/18 - 2/28/19 and registration is now open




Online Dye Workshop : Not currently running.

Covering chemical dying of protein fibers whether yarn or fabric, natural dyeing (including indigo dyeing) of yarn, Eco-Printing of felt and silk fabric, and Block Printing of felt and silk fabric.




Felt Hat & Millinery Workshop: Not currently running.