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New This Week

New This Week

Oct 19th...

7 colors of Juniper Moon's new Blue Faced Leceister yarn arrived - 2 more colors on their way! Lustrous and featuring a long fiber, this yarn should wear really well if you're looking to knit a sweater that you'll enjoy for many years.


Oct 12th...

9 colors of Sweet Georgia Mist, a hand-dyed silk/kid mohair blend arrived last week. Like Shibui's Silk Cloud, it has a lot more silk content than many of the kid/silk blends. It is soft, lustrous and beautifully dyed! Beautiful on its own, or paired with a light fingering for a gorgeous knit!

A new shipment arrived of Potholder loops and looms (both Traditional and Pro sizes) arrived for the holiday shopping season. We now stock, in addition to the mixed bags of pastels, brights, and black/white, between 8 - 13 colors of solid colored loops for both the traditional and Pro sized looms!

plus red, turquoise, etc.....

Plus, we have lots of lap looms, peg looms, weaving frames, backstrap weaving kits, crochet kits, etc that are great for kids gift giving this season.....Stop by today to check these new kits out

We have a few new store models featuring small accessories that you might consider knitting for the holiday gift giving season - a brioche hat using Amitola Grande, a single cowl using Felted Tweed Colour and a double wrap cowl that is crocheted using Katia's UBER SOFT Ultralight Merino!!





Oct 5th...

Five new colors of Juniper Moon's Beatrix arrived last week - this angora blend yarn is so soft and cozy. It's just perfect for start making a list of friends and family that need a new cowl for the season!





Sept 28th

Ella Rae's new Chunky Alpaca (machine washable) arrived last week. Recommended knit at 3-3.5 st/inch, this incredibly soft acrylic/alpaca blend comes in 8 great colors that are perfect for cowls and hats to accent or coordinate with your winter coat!

10 or 12 new colors of Sweet Georgia's Tough Love Sock yarn arrived on Saturday, including a gentle palette of soft semi-solids! Fantastically durable for socks, but equally soft for shawls, this yarn has been popular for a lot of 1 skein projects, even tho' I've had a few customers use it for sweaters too.




Sept 21st...

Andeamo Light by Jody Long arrived - 85 fine wool/15 took just 1 skein to make this really generous cowl. And there was leftover, so with a narrower cowl you could also make a hat!




Sept 14th...

5 new colors of Patagonia, by Juniper Moon, arrived while I was on vacation and I just got the site updated to reflect them.

Check out how perfectly this next photo of some of the Patagonia colors reflects Vermont's fall foliage!

Or this one, our winters!!!




Sept 10th...

A lot has transpired in the 24 days I was traveling the Silk Road thru Central Asia, but I only had time this week for a quick update. So check back next week for more and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter if you haven't already, since I'll be updating more in that next week as well!

Felted Tweed by Rowan arrived while I was gone. Over 30 colors to choose from! But I sold out of a couple of colors already and when I went to reorder, the US distributor was already out of them! So of course, they are on backorder, but my word of advice to everyone this fall season is if you have a project in mind, nab the yarn while you can. We will always have a lot of gorgeous yarns for you to choose from, but if you have a very specific color and requirements for a project you have in mind, then your options will be limited as the season progresses since "the early bird gets the worm"!

Along with Felted TWeed, arrived the newest line extension for Rowan, Felted Tweed Colours. These 8 colorways grade thru several colours. They make for an interesting knit on their own, pair well with the solids, and can be used for some dramatic effects if you alternate two contrasting colorways!

as are the DPN cases that hold your work securely when you're not knitting.

And these clever leather tape measure bracelets - perfect if you're planning a trip somewhere and plan on knitting a lot in the plane, train, bus, ship or automobile and want a tape measure handy without having to dig thru your bags!

And lastly, this key chain with the kitchener stitch directions on one side and the "anatomy of the sock" on the other. Perfect to attach to the key fob in your knitting bag so your kitchener directions are always handy! I am not putting these online, but they are available at the shop.

July 20th... and 28th!

I got the class list finally posted for the fall. Check it out here. A few of the classes scheduled for after the New Year are included, but Im in contact with a few teachers for some other workshops to offer after the New Year, so more will be coming. The fall schedule is set for now.

I was restocking some needles (and bringing in the Chiao Goo bamboo-so now we have Knitter's Pride Dreamz wood, Addi Rockets and both the Chiao Goo Stainless and bamboo to choose from) and decided to bring in a few fun accessories that caught my eye -

Sock Blockers are now in stock,

as are the DPN cases that hold your work securely when you're not knitting.

And these clever leather tape measure bracelets - perfect if you're planning a trip somewhere and plan on knitting a lot in the plane, train, bus, ship or automobile and want a tape measure handy without having to dig thru your bags!

And lastly, this key chain with the kitchener stitch directions on one side and the "anatomy of the sock" on the other. Perfect to attach to the key fob in your knitting bag so your kitchener directions are always handy! I am not putting these online, but they are available at the shop.

June 29th...

This was truly a group effort - I picked the pattern and knew I wanted to use 2 solids of Zooey linen/cotton by Juniper Moon and a Brighton Beach for the variegated, but I asked Chris to pick the colors and then my sister Joany knit it!

The pattern is called Temperance and it was originally designed for Malabrigo Sock, but I wanted to show how great Zooey and Brighton Beach would work together. And do they ever! What a great drape and hand this shawl has.

Three new colors of Kureyon arrived this week, too!

June 8th

Mark your Calendars! I've planned a Juniper Moon Trunk Show Event for Sat June 19th.

The company has loaned me a bunch of great garments knit out of Zooey, Summer Solstice and Cumulus summer yarns! And they'll be here all next week on display for you to see, feel, and try on if you like! And on Saturday 19th, I'll be offering some promotions on the Zooey and Cumulus yarn purchased to knit or crochet yourself a new summer project. As well as offering a few fun door prizes thru random drawing among participants! So mark your calendar and come on by to see the show and pick yourself up a wonderful new summer knitting project.

June 2nd

I like to see the glass half full. So the fact that it has been DEAD at the store (where is everyone?) these past two weeks, the bright side is we've managed to package up over 257 pounds of silk, extrafine merino and merino pre/partial felts! So we've replenished the prefelts this last week and added a new item - Pre Felt Mixed Packs. You get 1 6"x6" square each of 7 colors - 3 blues, 2 greens, a gold and a red (I looks orange, but it is red). Great for embellishments in either needle, wet, or nuno felting, everyone should have a stash of assorted colors to play with next time they are felting!

I also spent yesterday dyeing up a couple kilos of 100% Silk Mawattas (Hankies) - also a great embellishment for wet and nuno felting. And you can knit directly from these as well! From black to hot pink and every color in between!

May 26th..

Chris knit this store model between customers this spring using Noro's Sonata (pattern from Noro's spring magazine). She just finished weaving in the ends this morning and it has a beautiful drape and with the different stitches and 2 color pattern, kept Chris' attention and never bored her!

We now have 40 colors of this gorgeous 100% tussah silk top for spinning, felting and silk paper making! After a week of packaging it into 2 oz hands, all the colors are now available online and at the store.

And with the weather being so nice last week, I was able to get some Silk Bricks dyed up. Next week.....hankies/mawattas!

May 18th..


We got the restock of the 19 micron merino "Tempera" collection from DHG mill in Italy packaged and out on the floor - a few new colors to choose from offering these warm tones, a series of cooler greens and blues and a couple of neutrals.

And if you prefer a more subtle variation in color, we've also expanded the "Sugar Spun" heathers in the same 19 micron merino that is so wonderful for nuno felting.

And, finally, we got out the greatly expanded range of EFM Solid colors of this same lovely 19 micron merino from DHG. We've packaged it in 50 and 100 gm packages as before, but now you have over 75 colors to choose from !!

May 11th..


Chris is still packaging the latest shipment of DHG EFM (extra fine merino). We've added quite a few new colors and restocked the most popular that we were low or out of - so we have 25 bins now filled each with 3 or 4 colors of a hue! So that's over 75 colors to inspire your next wet felting or nuno project! I hope to have the new colors added to the page by next week's update....but for now you can view the existing colors thru the link above!

My sister knit this shawl using my naturally dyed Silky Yak yarn. It is the "Inauguration Shawl" and I chose logwood (purple), osage orange with iron (bronze) and cochenile (pink) for the colors. Check out the stitch details and other color options of this gorgeous yarn here

Here is an example of one of the Baker's Dozen mixed packs of animal/skin tones of felting fiber we have packaged for the needlers out there! 13 colors and at least 12 gms per color for a whopping 150 gms. While I had the scale out last week, I also packed up more of the colorful mixed bags. I call them Jackpot Fibers . This packaging use to include very small bits of 21 colors, but with this batch I packed more of fewer colors for a total of 100 gms/pack.

Apr 28th....

I just received a shipment of fiber from DHG in Italy, including this new fiber I'm stocking for needle felters. The New Zealand Wool arrived in 13 great animal and skin tones and we're packaging it in both mixed bags (which I'm calling Baker's Dozen since you get 12 gms each of 13 colors) and also 50 gm packages.

And for those of you who have been in looking for EFM (extra fine merino) in white (which we've been out of for a while) for your nuno felting projects, I just got over 2 pounds each of "natural", "acacia", "milk", "snow", "ivory" to keep you covered for a while! In addition to restocks (and several new colors) you now have over 65 colors to choose from! It may take a week for us to get it all weighed out and packaged up, but we're working on the whites first! Check back next week online to see the new colors!

Apr 28th....

The last couple colors of Rowan Handknit Cotton arrived - a lovely slate grey and a silvery grey (they call feather)!

This handy little Sashiko Pocket Guide to stitches and a Sashiko Stencil Kit arrived this week for those of you having fun with this creative approach to mending and embellishing. We have the needles and Sashiko thread here as well.

Apr 20th....

. I got a new shipment of KAP wool (very short stapled merino fiber) last week, including three new colors - navy, maroon, and a darker green. Anyway, that caused me to take all new photos and adjust some of the color names to correspond to the mill's nomenclature (even tho' they don't all make sense to me!). So if you're a felter, be sure to check out the updated page to see the new colors and improved photos of this popular fiber (p.s. it is NOT good for spinning as it is very short).

I had Chris knit up a couple of gauge swatches in both Noro's Akari and Noro Kakigori yarns since there was confusion between what the label suggested for gauge and what the US importer suggested on their website! So she knit up both yarns using US 4, 6 and 8 needles and with each yarn, got 5.5, 5 and 4.5 sts/inch, respectively. Hence, the confusion! Both these yarns knit nicely at all three gauges - just depending on what you are making and what sort of fabric you desire, you may prefer one gauge or another! You can't go wrong - both are lovely blends of silk and cotton!




Apr 6th....

Chris had time between customers yesterday to knit up a wash cloth using the new Rowan Handknit Cotton that arrived last week. The pattern is from a great little book ($12.99) we have for beginners which includes all the basics of "how to" cast on, knit, purl, etc along with several nice patterns for wash/dish cloths to practice stitches. As you can see from this pattern, the Rowan Handknit has lovely stitch definition. Chris really liked knitting with it - it's got a good twist so it doesn't split. And we're blocking it now so next time you're in you can feel how nice the hand is as well! Technically, the patterns in this book are written for a fingering (7 st/inch) cotton, but by simply eliminating 1 or 2 repeats of the pattern, it is perfect for this Rowan gauge cotton.

And if you're anxious to start a lovely summer top, the Rowan Mode pattern book arrived as well.

We've started bagging up some natural dyes and mordants in preparation for the spring and summer dyeing season. So far, we've got alum, madder, logwood, osage orange ready to go! Available at the shop only - not online yet!

Mar 31st....

Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn arrived in 12 new colors last week.

Rowan Handknit Cotton arrived in 21 colors this week.

Noro's new Kakigori cotton/silk dk-sport gauge yarn arrived in 2 colors (including this one featured in Noro's latest magazine).

And a lovely new teal and gorgeous "southwest adobe" colorway arrived in Brighton Beach (linen/cotton/viscose) blend this week.




Mar 16th...

Soft Lino from the Katia Concept line arrived this week. This 100% linen features a very long ombre of color over the 820 yards of yarn in each cake! A pattern booklet including directions for a lovely crochet scarf or crochet shawl is offered with the purchase.

The Ella Rae Cotton Trunk Show is still scheduled to arrive this week, but because all the new colors of Denim DK for this season are late in arriving and now not scheduled to get here until around Mar 25th, I have postponed the Trunk Show Event to Sat Mar 27th (from the 20th) for those of you who follow us on Facebook and were planning on stopping by for it. Just mark your calendar for the following Saturday instead!




Mar 9th...

6 new colors of Ella Rae Baby Cashmerino arrived - spring babies are coming so stop by to pick up a baby blanket, bootie or sweater project today!

The three new colors of Shibui arrived last week - Canary, Trellis, and Pacific. They came in the lovely silk/merino Lunar, Pebble cashmere blend, and Silk Cloud kid mohair/silk.


Finally, our shipment of KAP wool (sitting in customs since Jan 20th) arrived. Two new colors along with a restock. Stop by to see chocolate and meliert (oatmeal) and to restock today!



Feb 24th...

See the yarns on clearance here

I had ordered 20 colors of Rasta (2 bags each of 20) but received only 2 bags each of 6 colors - but at least there are some fresh colors in stock! A few shown here. Stop by to grab them while they last!

In the same shipment, I received new colors of both Mechita and of Malabrigo Sock.

And a new "medallion" pattern for you needle felters! And if you've never needled before, this is great fun and a super project for the kids home on school break this week! Make this lovely tapestry for a wall hanging or to be used as a pillow front or bag front. Or even a large trivet - tho' it's so beautiful I'd hate to cover it over myself!


Feb 16th...

Yarn Clearance all month!I just added another 5-10% discount off all the clearance yarns for this coming week. So be sure to check them out here. Freia Shawl balls are just about sold out so I removed them from the website (just a couple balls left at the shop) and I removed the colors of Llamerino, Stratus and Tennen that are sold out. So the choices are getting smaller, tho' still great! And the discounts are deeper this week...

See the yarns on clearance here - and check back each Tuesday night to see what the new discounts are - or what yarns might be added!!

Four new colors of the 100% cotton Zauberballs arrived. The labels now have a photo of the color sequence as knit up in a swatch, so you can see how the long repeat will knit up! GREAT choice for a summer shawl!

The newest color of Noro's Sonata as featured in the popular shawl from the latest magazine also arrived.

4 new colors of Painted Sky arrived along with this interesting shawl pattern featuring this yarn and several textural stitches - a great project if you're looking to learn some new stitches!

Plymouth's new Pima Rino Tweed arrived last week. This line extension of the solid colors of Pima Rino offers a classic tweed option in a 70% cotton/30% wool yarn that's great for transitional season sweaters. Machine washable, I also think the "white" color (with flecks of the rainbow) may be popular for babies?


Feb 2nd

Yarn Clearance all month! Discounts are progressive, so each Tuesday when I update the website, I'll discount the remaining colors further!

Buy now to get the best color choices or wait until the colors are picked over but save huge amounts!

See the yarns on clearance here - and check back each Tuesday night to see what the new discounts are - or what yarns might be added!!

Shibui's new extrafine merino/cashmere blend yarn, Haven, arrived last week and I knit up this Ravelry headband pattern (Strickvetter) using a skein of the lovely new Syrrah color! I have almost 1/2 of the 160 yd skein left - so enough to knit a kids headband too. Or, I could pick up around one edge and knit the crown to make it into a hat! What a great Valentine's day gift to knit for someone special in your life!

The latest Noro Magazine arrived yesterday. Featuring a great shawl in this year's Pantone colors knit in Sonata, as well as several cute crochet patterns (see top in blue/orange and crocheted shawl in greens above) and a couple of knit tops featuring Sonata and also Akari (the last photo done in a new color of Akari that arrived last week!

Jan 19th

A couple new colors of Painted Sky worsted weight machine washable wool arrived. Great for kids knitting and for lap blankets as well as for the many Ravelry patterns that feature long repeats like the Mowry Shift and Night Shift patterns.

With our restock of Cascade 220 worsted wool, we received 7 new colors. Still a great basic value wool to use for garment knitting.

And if you want to do some colorwork, you can't beat the 220 Sport for value and color options. These two new colors arrived with our restock.

Jan 5th

While packing some pre holiday orders, Chris discovered that these 6 colors of Kureyon which we stock were not on the website, so I've updated the site to reflect that these colors are also available!

I'm spending this week restocking the store after the holiday blitz! And also zooming with yarn reps each Tuesday this month to choose some new cottons/linens for the spring/summer season. If anyone has a cotton/linen yarn they'd like to see here, email me at and let me know. I can't promise anything, but if I hear from enough customers about a particular yarn, I'll add it into the mix!

Jan 26th

Shibui's newest yarn, Haven, arrived. This lovely extrafine merino/cashmere blend would make a gorgeous cowl or an "heirloom" sweater!


Jan 19th

A couple new colors of Painted Sky worsted weight machine washable wool arrived. Great for kids knitting and for lap blankets as well as for the many Ravelry patterns that feature long repeats like the Mowry Shift and Night Shift patterns.

With our restock of Cascade 220 worsted wool, we received 7 new colors. Still a great basic value wool to use for garment knitting.

And if you want to do some colorwork, you can't beat the 220 Sport for value and color options. These two new colors arrived with our restock.

Jan 5th

While packing some pre holiday orders, Chris discovered that these 6 colors of Kureyon which we stock were not on the website, so I've updated the site to reflect that these colors are also available!

I'm spending this week restocking the store after the holiday blitz! And also zooming with yarn reps each Tuesday this month to choose some new cottons/linens for the spring/summer season. If anyone has a cotton/linen yarn they'd like to see here, email me at and let me know. I can't promise anything, but if I hear from enough customers about a particular yarn, I'll add it into the mix!

Dec 22nd

My friend Kim knit this shawl for her mother in law using 1 ball of Noro's Akari (silk, wool) blend. I've always known this pattern as the "tilting ladder". It is one of several shawl/scarf stitch patterns on a Fiber Trends pattern we have here at the shop. This yarn has a lovely drape because of the silk content. The shawl could also be done with 1 ball of Noro's Ito if you prefer a woolier version.

This new color of Perth arrived. This machine washable merino/nylon blend yarn is designed for socks, but is used a lot of shawls and scarves because it is so soft and drapey. This newest color has a splash of "illuminating yellow" in it (the Pantone color of the year!). It's a great choice for weaving too - use it in the warp for longitudinal stripes or use it both warp and weft for a plaid effect. And of course, as warp it will yield horizontal fades of color!


Nov 27th

One ball of Noro Ito will knit 2 pair of adult felted slippers. This is a free pattern that I offer with the yarn purchase and it is super simple. Looking for a last minute project to knit for holiday gift giving - these whip up really quickly! For those of you who are local, I still have some great solid colors of Eco Wool Bulky at 40% off and that would be perfect for these slippers as well - with one skein of that you'd probably get 2 adult and 1 child's pair!

My niece just introduced another new needle felting kit - the Smoky Mtn Black Bear! These kits make great gifts for the holidays season - check out her latest 6 new designs here!

I finished the Starburst Cowl using Amitola Grande (instead of the Silk Garden, which also knits up beautifully in this pattern). If using Amitola Grande for the long repeat, you can get 2 cowls from 1 skein. If you choose to use Silk Garden for the long repeat, you'll need 2 sks of the Silk Garden (same price as 1 of the Amitola). Anyway, with either purchase, I'll send the pattern free. But you'll need about 100 yds of a solid color as well - I just used up a partial skein from my stash

Nov 14th

Four new needle felting tapestry kits are being offered at the shop-all designed by my ever creative niece, Neysa. Sunflowers, Swedish Geese, Indian Elephant and Gloucester Mermaid will give stiff competition to the ever popular Scandinavian Reindeer, Sheep and Heron! Check all her kits out here

As featured on the cover of the Fall 2020 Noro Magazine, this mitered square jacket knit in Ito is the latest store model for this yarn - which I seem to be going gangbusters with this fall! Check out all the great colors here.

Here are a couple of great Silk Garden small project ideas for the upcoming gift giving season! The hat is featured in the latest Noro Magazine (Fall 2020) and took 2 sks of Silk Garden Solo. The Starburst Cowl uses 1 skein of a "solo" solid in Silk Garden and 2 of an "original" long repeat Silk Garden. But 3 sks and I'll send along the pattern for free. You can choose colors here on the Silk Garden page.


Nov 4th....wanted to start giving you some Holiday Wish List ideas!

I updated the Accessories page to reflect more of the range of interchangeable needle sets we offer here at the shop - from Lykee bamboo and driftwoods, to ChaioGoo metal and bamboo, deluxe and shorties to Dreamz! Something for everyone - including dpn sets and crochet hook sets!

I stock these gorgeous pattern holders in 2 sizes. They are a must have for every knitting bag - magnets hold your pattern up and you can prop the case horizontally or vertically depending on your pattern. Long magnet bars help you keep your place in a chart or thru text.


Oct 24th....

Just 1 skein of lovely Homestead 100% wool knits up this hat, with enough left over to knit a child's cap as well! The pattern is Able Cable from Ravelry. It feels so soft and Chris, who knit it between helping customers this week, said it was a really easy pattern to follow.

I knit up this cowl in the super cozy and soft Phullu from Mirasol. I took the 4 colors on as a "challenge" (both because of how they look together and none of them really being my favs to begin with!) and used fibonacci numbers to create the stripe sequences. I've written up the pattern sequence of stripes so you can have fun picking colors you LIKE to work with. Because I used 4 colors, it is an investment up front - but you will have enough yarn to knit a wide assortment of cowls, hats, mittens, or wristlets so that each "project" ends up costing in the $20-$25 range so it doesn't break the bank!

Oct 13th....

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'm offering a 15% discount on the pale pink color of the newest Juniper Moon yarn (uber soft Beatrix) so you can knit up (or crochet, as the hat on the left is done in Cumulus) a hat in honor of the month. Beatrix is really soft and warm and insulating, so if you know someone going thru cancer and radiation treatment who has lost their hair, this would be a wonderful gift to keep them warm thru the upcoming chill of fall and winter! Since I'm not sure how to arrange a discount online for just one color, you'll have to call in or stop by this month to take advantage of the Breast Cancer Awareness discount!

Between customers this fall, Chris has been knitting this 2 ball wrap in Noro's Ito. We've got 4 or 5 new colors new for this fall in stock, plus some of the popular "oldies but goodies", like color 12 shown above.

My niece has come out with several new Vermont Needle Felting Tapestry kits and I've got them in stock today! From these festive holiday reindeer monochromatics to the more colorful Alpaca and Thunderbird motif!


Sept 29th....

Phullu by Mirasol arrived this week. An aran weight (knitting at 4 sts/inch US 9-10), this soft and cozy yarn is perfect for a cowl, scarf, hat, afghan or comfy sweater! Features a whopping 284 yards/sk.

4 new colors of Ushya by Mirasol arrived. Knitting at 2 sts/inch this offers some rich jewel tones in a quick knit gauge and uber soft hand that is perfect for the holiday projects you have planned for this season!


Sept 25th

I finished this simple pullover using Tennen by Noro. It has such an artistic and lovely color gradation speckled with hints of tweed. Dress it up or knock about the house in it - it will be a go-to garment!


Sept 22nd

I finished this cozy sweater (2 left photos) using Aereo (Cascade). You could also use Airado by Plymouth (similar to Aereo but I stock it also to get a full range of colors from between the two companies) or knit it in Stratus, by Juniper Moon. The grey sweater shown above illustrates a variation on the pattern I knit last year using Stratus by Juniper Moon (also a super cozy yarn to curl up with this winter). I had customers knitting this pattern two and three times over so I decided to show a slight variation in case someone wanted to "mix it up a bit"! So instead of the garter stitch trim as the pattern calls for, in last year's model I introduced a mistake rib for the bottom, cuffs and neckline. And I added a pocket. This year, I went back to the garter stitch, but made it tunic length to wear over yoga pants or leggings. All three of these yarns: Aereo, Airado and Stratus are super cozy and super soft. And none of them breaks the bank! It took me 3.5 sks to knit this long tunic length in Aereo! And, if you don't want a funnel or cowl neck, this is an easy pattern to just pick up and knit 8 rows of garter and bind off and voila, you have a round neck!

Uber soft and warm! A few new colors of Aereo and Airado arrived...lots of lovely jewel tones and a few heathers (two more heathers in green should be arriving later this week).

Rasta has not been very available this spring/summer, so when they came out with a new dye approach and had some in Rasta, I jumped on it! So a few colors of this new speckled Rasta arrived. Along with three new colors of Malabrigo Sock - bringing the colors stocked to 27 for Sock and 16 for Rasta.


And here is a closeup of the sweater I introduced last week. It's been really hard to get a good photo of it. Not sure if it's the color or what. But maybe this gives a better idea of it. It has such a gorgeous drape and would be easy to dress up or knock about the house in. Knit in Mirasol's Umina 50/50 alpaca/merino blend yarn it is scrumptiously soft and buttery. Chris keeps saying she just wants to wrap herself up in it! The pattern is Climb Every Mountain (Ravelry). It took 4 sks in Umina - at $25/sk it's not an inexpensive sweater, but if you live in it (which I could imagine would be the case for me if it wasn't on a mannequin), that's not a bad "cost per wear", making this a good value. And yet, it will feel like such a luxury!



Sept 8th

This photograph doesn't do this sweater justice, unfortunately. But this A-line sweater design is simple and elegant (little eyelets sprinkling down the front, so be sure to enlarge the photo for a closer look) and INCREDIBLY soft and cozy knit in Umina by Mirasol. This buttery soft yarn (50/50 wool alpaca) has a GORGEOUS drape. This top only used 4 sks and is a large size - and since it is A-line it has a lot of swing at the bottom even if my photo doesn't show it well. Be sure to check out Umina and add it to your bucket list of yarns to work with if you haven't already. You really need to feel it to understand how cozy and soft this yarn (5.5-6 sts/inch) is. And the sweater can be dressed up or worn daily with jeans - it is so versatile. The pattern is Climb Every Mountain on Ravelry.


A few new colors of Patagonia 100% organic merino by Juniper Moon arrived.

Along with a few new colors in the aran weight version, Santa Cruz, of Juniper moon's organic merino yarn.

After laying prone and delerious with fever and chills for 6 days, I managed to sit upright long enough in the following days of convalesence to knit (barely) this hat using Beatrix. Beatrix is the new angora blend yarn that arrived 2 weeks ago before I got sick - lots of great colors and oh-so-soft! There's enough yarn left from the skein to make a pompom if I decide I want one. Soft, insulating, quick knit on a 10.5 needle and really comfy to wear.



Aug 25th...

Beatrix - Juniper Moon Farm's new yarn for the fall/winter 2020 season arrived. With some nice pattern support, this cozy "blown-in" yarn is the perfect fiber blend and yarn to wrap yourself up in for cozy comfort and security this winter! From 3 lovely greys, to some gorgeous deeply saturated "fall" colors, to this gorgeous & gentle "rose" which is perfect for knits you might want to plan in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October!

We also received another shipment of even more colors of Rios, Mechita, and Rasta this week but I haven't had time to update the new colors online - that will have to wait for next week! In the meantime....

I did manage to get up the new Malabrigo Sock colors that arrived yesterday, along with a free shawl pattern I am giving out with a 2 skein purchase.




Aug 18th...

We received 5 new colors of Rios this week - Almond Blossom, Cosmos, Aquamarine, Pines, and Blue Jeans....

With our restock of Malabrigo Mechita, we received pattern booklets for both the cabled fingerless mitts shown here, as well as for a mosaic knit wrap/shawl. I'm offering the pattern free with the 2 sk (or more) purchase of Mechita while supply lasts.

A customer came in to look at the Katia Kid Mohair (50 colors to pick from!) with the idea of knitting this gorgeous wrap designed by Mags Kandis. Those of you who have been around the knitting block a while, like me, will remember her from the great pattern support and fun colors she put together in support of her yarn company Mission Falls - I still miss that cotton!! Anyway, this is a remake of a popular wrap she did years ago, updated for a fine kid mohair yarn.



Aug 11th...

I have three new textured cowl patterns I'm offering free for anyone buying one of the big and chunky 2 st/inch yarns like Rasta, Ushya, or Mega....

I've updated the Amitola (silk-wool) to reflect a few colors that were in the store, but missing from the website (and vice versa- a few I was out of that were still on the site!)

A couple ranges of "gradients" arrived from Sweet Georgia in their popular Tough Love Sock yarn. Don't let the name pigeon hole this yarn - it's beautiful for shawls, scarves and cowls too!

A few new colors of Juniper Moon's Stratus arrived, including a lovely teal and a purple! This is a great value wool that knits up nicely anywhere from 3.5 sts/inch to 4.5 st/inch and is cozy and warm. A great value yarn that is soft, insulating, and lightweight but at a big gauge!!


July 28th...

If there are any "yarn haulers" still making their way about this Saturday, don't forget that I will put on a pot of natural dyes at both 11 am and at 2 p.m. - so if you want to purchase some white yarn here and dye it naturally for a special project memorializing this "covid era yarn haul", you can.

I've posted some photos from the Eco=Print a Silk Scarf class here last Saturday on the Gallery page if you're interested in seeing more.

Since I missed a week of updates - there are 2 new yarns to feature today and a few new colors of an existing yarn to talk about:

Ushya, by Mirasol, is a lightweight 2 st/inch knit - equally perfect for a cozy cowl or sweater for this winter as it is for a hat or mittens!

Katia's Kid Mohair arrived - 50 colors to choose from!! Wow.

A few new colors of Sweet Georgia's Tough Love Sock yarn arrived. It's a favorite for shawls too!

A few new colors of Juniper Moon's Stratus arrived, including a lovely teal and a purple! This is a great value wool that knits up nicely anywhere from 3.5 sts/inch to 4.5 st/inch and is cozy and warm. A great value yarn that is soft, insulating, and lightweight but at a big gauge!!


GNYH 2020 Special Sat July 18th

This lovely brushed alpaca blend yarn, Peru Tweed, is on special while supply lasts - 35% off!


July 14th

I have a couple of new needle felting kits in stock - this Tatoo Dragon (larger than normal) and the traditional size Bird in the Bush. Check out the new needle felting kits here - or better yet, stop by! We're open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat 10 - 5!

Also, in case some of you are wondering how to access the Nalbinding Tutorial since I removed it from the homepage - it is available thru the Tutorials page on my website now.

Also, a few customers have asked me to sell my handcrafted wooden nalbinding needles - so those are now available here.

June 30th

Last Call to register for any of the July classes....

The last day to register for any of the July classes is this Friday, July 3rd!

  • Natural Dyeing Workshop July 11 & 12
  • Drop Spindle Spinning July 9
  • Shibori n' Sashiko Face Masks - July 8, 15 & 22nd

So don't delay if you're interested or they will be canceled by the weekend.


June 23rd


Chris knit this lace shawl while sheltering at home last month. She used just 1 skein of Rustic Silk and LOVED knitting with this yarn. With 1 skein it makes a nice size for wrapping around the neck and covering a bit of shoulders and the decoletage. With 2 skeins you could really make a large "wrap yourself entirely up in it" shawl!. And since there is also a new color or two in this yarn this year, be sure to check out the page thru the link above.

Also, I added two new classes for July - Give it a Whorl: Introduction to Spinning on a Drop Spindle and Shibori N' Sashiko Face Masks. Since we can do these out of doors in the garden (beneath the dye canopies if it is sprinkling) I thought they might be of interest even if some customers are still feeling a bit uncertain about getting back out in public. Masks are required and we will social distance. And I am limiting classes to 6 participants - so we can still enjoy getting together and learning new things safely!

I also added a couple of new "kits" -a new baby blanket option in sweet pastels or festive brights and a lovely gradient wrap!

June 16th

Woohoo! Chris is back at work, so we're open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Fri and Sat 10 - 5. Just closed Sun & Wed for now.

This is "one" of my (YIKES, is it really 17?) projects I have going (that covers knitting, spinning, felting, and dyeding!). Anyway, Elemental Cormo is such a lovely yarn to work with I wanted to be sure you added it to your bucket list. I'm knitting Ravelli (Ravelry pattern) and doing a large and it is a boxy sweater and I'm going to use 4 sks. AND, I have enough of the white and grey to knit a hat (at least!). So despite this yarn seeming like a luxury at $30 a skein, it goes a long way. And for the quality and softness that it is, to get both a great sweater and a hat out of it is a really great value.

I finally had a chance to update the Baby Cashmerino page to show all the colors of this popular Ella Rae yarn that we stock to replace the Debbie Bliss Baby Cash.

I received a restock of Lamb's Pride Bulky and Worsted, including a few new colors I'm stocking: Navy Sailor, Willow and Glacier.


June 10th

A couple new colors of the lovely organic cotton by Ella Rae arrived. Several customers in last week picked up a skein each to knit washcloths. This yarn is really soft, long stapled (so it should wear really well), and organic - a perfect choice for sensitive skin.

I added an update to the free Nalbinding tutorial....

May 27th

I've put some lovely collections of hand dyed, 100% wool rug swatches for rug hooking online here, if any of you also rug hook and are looking for some new colors. There are also a few patterns on monkscloth.

May 13th

Another new Afghan Kit is available this week - and you have an option of machine washable wool or uber luxurious alpaca!

Three new colors of Juniper Moon Zooey arrived, including this striking red!

A new linen/cotton blend by Queensland arrived - Brighton Beach. The way the yarn is dyed and spun results in a very sophisticated grading of colors in the fabric so you can go simple on the stitch if you want. Or add even more interest with a simple lace pattern Tee (pattern free with the yarn purchase).

May 6th

This new kit is available for a limited time. I am not stocking the yarn, but offer the kit as a colorful, happy, simple and gratifying project to undertake while we are still working thru the covid dilemma. Whatever our new normal will turn out to be, for the rest of this year anyway until there is a vaccine, it seems to me that we will be cautiously social (with masks and distancing and lots of hand washing!) and still really hunkering down at home a lot. So this is a wonderful project to undertake - easy to pick up and put down, a happy joy to knit as you see the colors develop, simple to knit while you binge the new season of Last Kingdom or Lion King (?) and giving you lots of positive feedback with each square completed!

April 13th

For those of you wanting to work thru my free shibori tutorial, you can link to the lovely Bamboo shawls below and here is where you can get the sashiko needles!

For those of you interested in trying a simple Shibori Stitch project - Stitch in Place while we Shelter in Place - I've added these gorgeous Bamboo-Wool shawls that I sell here at the shop to the website. These have a beautiful drape and are a lovely when shibori stitched and indigo dipped!

Alternatively, as you can see in the Stitch in Place while we Shelter in Place video I uploaded on the Tutorials page, I also offer a link to an easy Grocery Market Bag that you could sew with the yard of fabric you recycle from an old pillow case or sheet for the Stitch in Place and Post-Covid Indigo dip! The bag shown left is obviouslt made using commercial fabric - but it gives you the idea of the shape and style (4" gusset and T-shirt style). I did one with a reject shibori (its not the stitch I'm showing you so I don't show it opened up) and show it above so you can see that the pattern includes an elastic so the bag can be rolled up and kept neatly between grocery (or yarn!) purchases!

The bag is super simple to sew - trust me - my sewing skills are novice, at best. The bag features French Seams so it looks as good inside as outside. Sturdy, will be pretty in the shibori fabric, practical to have and easy to make

So why not Stitch in Place while we Shelter in place - either buy a lovely white shawl or recycle an old pillow case - and then join me after this is behind us for a Post Covid Indigo Dip! You can find the video on the Tutorials page.!

This is not a "new thing" at the store, but I point it out because I've had a lot of needle felter wannabies who are using this isolation time to learn needle felting and they want small amounts of a range of colors. So just a reminder that I have Jackpot Bags as well as Assorted Mixed Bags available. The Jackpot bags have a small amount each of 21 colors; The Assorted Mixed Batt Bags have 3-5 colors each in them and there is more of each one compared to the Jackpot Bags. Anyway - buying either a Jackpot Bag or a couple of Assorted Mixed Batt Bags will give you a range of colors to work with.

Just 1 skein of Caprino cashmere by Malabrigo made this wide headband (which is also great for a neckwarmer) with yarn to spare - so if you don't like your headbands as wide as this, you could get two headbands from 1 skein. Pattern is super easy - I was even able to knit it that first week of isolation when I didn't seem able to focus on much of anything!

April 8th

I added a couple more videos to the free Nalbinding tutorial - how to figure out which loop goes where if you put your project down for a while and can't figure out which loop is which and how to start in the round, as well as a summary of the history of nalbinding.

Check out

April 3rd

I uploaded the tutorial on Nalbinding if anyone is interested in learning - you can access it thru this link:

March 30th

Nalbinding is an ancient, single needle looping technique used widely by Vikings, Egyptians, Romans, etc. There are several pretty stitches and it is a pleasing process to do. On Friday I'll be making available a free "tutorial" for those interested in learning something new. In the meantime, I've put together a basic "nalbinding hat kit" -including yarn and a nalbinding needle - for those who want to get "set up" to partkae of the free tutorial later in the week.

March 27th

Eco Organic Cotton arrived in 4 solid colors and 2 variegateds. Perfect for those spring babies you're expecting in the family or among friends. This baby blanket pattern - which you can see better on the page when you enlarge the model - features a lovely herringbone stitch and is a freebie with the yarn and it takes 4 balls.

March 26th

Two great kits that both adults and kids will have fun with. I learned this morning that my 5 year old grand niece is needle felting a bunch of hearts (using a cookie cutter to get the shape) and making a bunch of flowers like the one below (or, helping grandma do so) to put into neighbors mail boxes to cheer them up!

So why not buy a kit and use this family time to learn something new (needle or wet felting) together and bring cheer to your neighbors to help the community get thru all this!

With Easter around the corner and an egg treasure hunt likely, why not use this down time to get the kids needle felting?

And if you're more interested in wet felting - this flower kit is a great way to get even little hands into felting! Make a bunch of small ones and build a bouquet for a neighbor or make really tiny ones and use to embellish pins, earrings, or barettes.

And for older children and adults that want to play with design, why not invest in the Angel kit and start building up for a special garland for your 2020 holiday decorations!

All three kits can be ordered here.

March 25th

This hat pattern that I designed a couple of years ago and call the Stairstepper because of the stitch involved, has been a popular hat for sale on Ravelry and at the store. I used 1 skein of Rios - I figure every knitter probably has a stray skein of either Rios, Lamb's Pride Bulky, Cascade 220 or Encore at home that they could use while we're stuck home, so I've put the pattern up as a freebie on my Free Patterns page.

Don't forget how engaging these needle felting kits can be! And there are a few that are perfectly suited to decorating for the Easter season!

March 24th

I put together a couple of "learn to knit" kits for kids thinking that while they are home from school you might want to have something new and different to offer them. I have a limited number of these "learn to knit" animal hat kits. And, if that idea doesn't resonate with you, I also put together a second "learn to knit" kit for kids that might appeal to an older kid! This second "learn to knit kit" offers a book with lots of great beginner knitting projects (along with how-tos) and a skein of Encore Colorspun yarn so that the first project could be either a pair of fingerless wrist warmers or a regular, "non-animal-topped", hat!

March 22nd

I'm trying to get some easy, fun, and soul-feeding projects online as kits in case anyone is in need of a fresh project!

This 1 ball shawll is an oldie, but goodie at the store! My friend Maureen has knit 3 of these in the last month and was in on Saturday to pick up another Freia shawl ball for a fourth! She brought in show and tell of the last two she did....and they were just so joyful, bright and cheerie, I wanted to share them with you all. And I thought I'd remind everyone what a fun project this is, so I've "kitted" it up at a bit of a discount here. Or you can purchase the yarn itself if you already have a scarf or shawl pattern you'd prefer to use.

Another new project idea that I've "kitted" this week is an interesting lap blanket to knit. So soft, machine washable and an interesting knit that will keep you engaged - but easy enough you can still stream your favorite on Netflix while knitting! Painted Sky Lap Blanket.

March 17th

Are you a felter looking for something productive to bide your time while you home isolate?

Why not join me for one of my online workshops, which I'm hosting at a discounted rate during this covid-19 home isolation period. Find out more details below by clicking on either the Felt Hat or FElt Boot workshop ad!

5 or 6 new colors of Cairn cotton/acrylic arrived this week so your options for knitting a colorful market bag or this shawl are up to 15!

The Reveal Party for the Quinquennial Fiber Challenge was Saturday. I've posted the designs (at least those that came back!)if you'd like to see some great creativity!

March 10th

I updated the Kureyon page to reflect the newest colors and also a few that are no longer available. We do have some stock beyond the colors you see on the page, but since we cannot replenish them when they are gone, I've removed them from the website.

The "work-in-progress" Square Market Bag knit in Cairns is done. I knit the smaller of the 2 sizes (so it took 1 sk each of 2 different colors) and it has 600 gms of yarn in it and there is still room for more. I have a few new colors on order, too.

February 18th

A new free pattern and a couple of new colors of the Ella Rae 100% cotton denim arrived. We now have 4 or 5 blues, a lovely white, a couple of greys and a sand color - all classics for a summer top or poncho.

Noro's Tennen (alpaca, silk, wool) is back in stock. Chris knit this hat and a pair of warm fingerless mitts up uwing just 1 skein!

February 11th

Malabrigo's new cashmere blend yarn, Caprino, arrived.

New colors of Rustic Silk arrived.

February 4th

Believe it or not, these neutral afghans are knit with Noro! So many people think of Noro for his fabulous colors - but if you prefer neutrals you shouldn't count these yarns out. In recent years several of his new introductions (Akari, Tennen, Sonata, etc) have featured solids, semi solids and some colorways with very neutral tones! So whether you're looking to knit something cheerful and colorful, or neutral and elegant....don't forget that this Saturday is the Noro Trunk Show event! So many wonderful pillows and afghans to see, feel and be inspired by! I'll be offering incentives to those customers buying the yarnto knit (or crochet) one of the items on display as well as offering a free tutorial next week for those who have purchased the yarn and want to learn some tips and tricks for either knitting intarsia or for assembling their strips or squares (not all the pattterns require this, but a few do!)

Cairns is a new cotton/acrylic yarn that has arrived for the spring. Colorful, nice to knit with (both Chris and I are knitting up models in it right now and are both enjoying the experience!). Five of the colors arrived yesterday - more were shipped yesterday so by the weekend, we should have an exciting display of it if you're looking for a fresh new project!

January 28th

The Noro Trunk Show of pillows and afghans arrived! So many I can't keep them all out at one time, so I'm rotating examples during the week but will have them all out at once on Sat Feb 8th for the Trunk Show Event.

Please check out my Events my for more details - I am offering a few free tutorials to support those of you who take on one of the Trunk Show designs, will be handing out some fabulous door prizes to customers who purchase the yarn to make one of these fabulous home decor items.

Whether you want to cheer up the rest of your winter knitting with a colorful choice as pictured above, or would prefer to knit one of the designs on display that feature more elegant neutrals, your choice will get you thru the gray days of winter and the rainy days of spring.....and enhance any den, library or living room

No need to wait until Feb 8th to get going - whenever you purchase the materials for one of the Trunk Show items your name will go in the drawing for great door prizes on Feb 8th and you'll receive the same incentives on your yarn/pattern ahead of the event.

January 21st

Tussah Kissed alpaca/linen/silk blend arrived in a lovely palette of colors that will be wonderful knitting for any garment you'd like drape for - think shawl or wrap, summer tee or swing vest! Elegant colors, lovely drape and soft hand.

If you haven't knit with Incan Spice yet, you should! It is a lovely yarn with a soft and silky hand and is a great price point at just $11.99/ball of 280 yds!! Yak, silk, and merino - what's not to like! This brioche cowl took just 1 skein each of two colors and measures about 54" long and 7" wide. All for under $25!!!

Introducting Yakima - kettle dyed for subtle tonal variation. Richly saturated colors, this yak/superwash merino yarn is lovely and packs a lot of yardage at 384 yds/sk!!

January 9th

Some fun colors of this new grading sock yarn arrived - prewound so its perfect for knitting 2 at once on one circular needle....and for those of you who like your socks to match exactly, these balls are wound to grade at the same rate as each other!

There is still room in February's Latvian Wrist Warmer workshop. And 1 spot open in next Saturday's Wet N' Needle Felted Wristwarmers! Check out the details.

I finished the brioche cowl sweater in Noro's Kiri. Love the drape....and so many ways to wear it. Super simple.

December 17th

A couple new colors of Tenderfoot sock yarn arrived to complement the batch that arrived last week.

Blending Boards are back in stock - if you are a felter or a spinner and you can't justify (yet) investing in a drum carder, you might consider a Blending Board. Or put it on your list for the last minute shoppers in your family that are looking for the fiber tool that will give you years of joy to come! Honestly, I can't imagine felting without having a drum carder or blending board to blend my own colors....and for spinning it is essential if you want to prepare your own fibers or blend fibers and colors for spinning batts like those shown above! So much fun!!!

The Quinquennial Fiber Challenge is on!

Starting Jan 11th. Read more about this fun event.

December 10th


A couple new needle felting kits arrived just in time for fun with fiber! Worried about having the kids home from school before the holidays when excitement levels have them bouncing off the walls? Well, why not get the Angel Ornament kit and keep them creatively busy and having fun getting in the spirit by needle felting new ornaments for the tree!

Three new colors of Amitola silk/merino arrived

Tenderfoot arrived - 75% merino lambswool (wow) and 25% poly make this super soft yarn a good durable choice for socks. Tho' both Chris and I have been thinking of it for vests!

Perth, a machine washable merino/nylon blend is another great option for socks, but I'm betting will be used more for shawls and cowls! Soft, lovely drape and some great colorways.

December 2nd

Joany knit this fun pattern from Ravelry (Dreamcatcher) using a mix of Mechita, Shibui Silk Cloud, Fiber Co.'s Canopy and Shibui Pebble. I'm waiting for her to get here tomorrrow to weigh how much yarn of each she had left to give you a more definitive idea, but with what she had leftover of the various colors, she thought at least a cowl could also be knit. For months I'd wanted something showing tShibui's mustard yellow (pollen) and deep plum (velvet) together with a grey. I could have chosen "fog" or "ash" grey colors by Shibui, but I had a skein of grey Canopy already wound, so Canopy it was! And what a lovely soft drape that adds! I believe I chose the color "Illusion" in Mechita for the variegated since this particular lot in stock had both the plum and mustard tones in it.

A new shipment from Malabrigo arrived with a restock of existing colors (well, not all were available, but most!) and I brought in some new ones too!

Mechita, Malabrigo Sock, Rios and Mecha have new colors!

I made up a few pillows testing new shibori designs in advance of the shibori class here after the holidays. Whether you want to make a pillow with the fabric you shibori in class or use the fabric you do instead in a quilt, some other home furnishing or garment is up to you. I'm just calling it a "Shibori Pillow" class because that is the amount of fabric we can do in this 2 week class and also because I designed one of the pillows to not require either a sewing machine or much handstitching for those of you who may want to participate but neither enjoy hand sewing nor have a machine at your disposal!