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Apr 3,

I uploaded the tutorial on Nalbinding if anyone is interested in learning - you can access it thru this link:



Mar 30th...


Nalbinding is an ancient, single needle looping technique used widely by Vikings, Egyptians, Romans, etc. There are several pretty stitches and it is a pleasing process to do. On Friday I'll be making available a free "tutorial" for those interested in learning something new. In the meantime, I've put together a basic "nalbinding hat kit" -including yarn and a nalbinding needle - for those who want to get "set up" to partkae of the free tutorial later in the week.



Mar 27th...

Eco Organic Cotton arrived in 4 solid colors and 2 variegateds. Perfect for those spring babies you're expecting in the family or among friends. This baby blanket pattern - which you can see better on the page when you enlarge the model - features a lovely herringbone stitch and is a freebie with the yarn and it takes 4 balls.


Mar 26th...two great kits that both adults and kids will have fun with. I learned this morning that my 5 year old grand niece is needle felting a bunch of hearts (using a cookie cutter to get the shape) and making a bunch of flowers like the one below (or, helping grandma do so) to put into neighbors mail boxes to cheer them up!

So why not buy a kit and use this family time to learn something new (needle or wet felting) together and bring cheer to your neighbors to help the community get thru all this!

With Easter around the corner and an egg treasure hunt likely, why not use this down time to get the kids needle felting?

And if you're more interested in wet felting - this flower kit is a great way to get even little hands into felting! Make a bunch of small ones and build a bouquet for a neighbor or make really tiny ones and use to embellish pins, earrings, or barettes.

And for older children and adults that want to play with design, why not invest in the Angel kit and start building up for a special garland for your 2020 holiday decorations!

All three kits can be ordered here.


Mar 25th...

This hat pattern that I designed a couple of years ago and call the Stairstepper because of the stitch involved, has been a popular hat for sale on Ravelry and at the store. I used 1 skein of Rios - I figure every knitter probably has a stray skein of either Rios, Lamb's Pride Bulky, Cascade 220 or Encore at home that they could use while we're stuck home, so I've put the pattern up as a freebie on my Free Patterns page.

Don't forget how engaging these needle felting kits can be! And there are a few that are perfectly suited to decorating for the Easter season!



Mar 24th...

Today's Isolation-Busting idea:

I put together a couple of "learn to knit" kits for kids thinking that while they are home from school you might want to have something new and different to offer them. I have a limited number of these "learn to knit" animal hat kits. And, if that idea doesn't resonate with you, I also put together a second "learn to knit" kit for kids that might appeal to an older kid! This second "learn to knit kit" offers a book with lots of great beginner knitting projects (along with how-tos) and a skein of Encore Colorspun yarn so that the first project could be either a pair of fingerless wrist warmers or a regular, "non-animal-topped", hat!

Mar 22nd....

I'm trying to get some easy, fun, and soul-feeding projects online as kits in case anyone is in need of a fresh project!

This 1 ball shawll is an oldie, but goodie at the store! My friend Maureen has knit 3 of these in the last month and was in on Saturday to pick up another Freia shawl ball for a fourth! She brought in show and tell of the last two she did....and they were just so joyful, bright and cheerie, I wanted to share them with you all. And I thought I'd remind everyone what a fun project this is, so I've "kitted" it up at a bit of a discount here. Or you can purchase the yarn itself if you already have a scarf or shawl pattern you'd prefer to use.

Another new project idea that I've "kitted" this week is an interesting lap blanket to knit. So soft, machine washable and an interesting knit that will keep you engaged - but easy enough you can still stream your favorite on Netflix while knitting! Painted Sky Lap Blanket


Mar 17th...

Are you a felter looking for something productive to bide your time while you home isolate?

Why not join me for one of my online workshops, which I'm hosting at a discounted rate during this covid-19 home isolation period. Find out more details below by clicking on either the Felt Hat or FElt Boot workshop ad!

5 or 6 new colors of Cairn cotton/acrylic arrived this week so your options for knitting a colorful market bag or this shawl are up to 15!

The Reveal Party for the Quinquennial Fiber Challenge was Saturday. I've posted the designs (at least those that came back!) here if you'd like to see some great creativity!


Mar 10th...

I updated the Kureyon page to reflect the newest colors and also a few that are no longer available. We do have some stock beyond the colors you see on the page, but since we cannot replenish them when they are gone, I've removed them from the website.

The "work-in-progress" Square Market Bag knit in Cairns is done. I knit the smaller of the 2 sizes (so it took 1 sk each of 2 different colors) and it has 600 gms of yarn in it and there is still room for more. I have a few new colors on order, too.




Feb 18th

A new free pattern and a couple of new colors of the Ella Rae 100% cotton denim arrived. We now have 4 or 5 blues, a lovely white, a couple of greys and a sand color - all classics for a summer top or poncho.

Noro's Tennen (alpaca, silk, wool) is back in stock. Chris knit this hat and a pair of warm fingerless mitts up uwing just 1 skein!



Feb 11th...

Malabrigo's new cashmere blend yarn, Caprino, arrived.

New colors of Rustic Silk arrived.



Feb 4th....

Believe it or not, these neutral afghans are knit with Noro! So many people think of Noro for his fabulous colors - but if you prefer neutrals you shouldn't count these yarns out. In recent years several of his new introductions (Akari, Tennen, Sonata, etc) have featured solids, semi solids and some colorways with very neutral tones! So whether you're looking to knit something cheerful and colorful, or neutral and elegant....don't forget that this Saturday is the Noro Trunk Show event! So many wonderful pillows and afghans to see, feel and be inspired by! I'll be offering incentives to those customers buying the yarnto knit (or crochet) one of the items on display as well as offering a free tutorial next week for those who have purchased the yarn and want to learn some tips and tricks for either knitting intarsia or for assembling their strips or squares (not all the pattterns require this, but a few do!)

Cairns is a new cotton/acrylic yarn that has arrived for the spring. Colorful, nice to knit with (both Chris and I are knitting up models in it right now and are both enjoying the experience!). Five of the colors arrived yesterday - more were shipped yesterday so by the weekend, we should have an exciting display of it if you're looking for a fresh new project!




Jan 28th...

The Noro Trunk Show of pillows and afghans arrived! So many I can't keep them all out at one time, so I'm rotating examples during the week but will have them all out at once on Sat Feb 8th for the Trunk Show Event.

Please check out my Events my for more details - I am offering a few free tutorials to support those of you who take on one of the Trunk Show designs, will be handing out some fabulous door prizes to customers who purchase the yarn to make one of these fabulous home decor items.

Whether you want to cheer up the rest of your winter knitting with a colorful choice as pictured above, or would prefer to knit one of the designs on display that feature more elegant neutrals, your choice will get you thru the gray days of winter and the rainy days of spring.....and enhance any den, library or living room

No need to wait until Feb 8th to get going - whenever you purchase the materials for one of the Trunk Show items your name will go in the drawing for great door prizes on Feb 8th and you'll receive the same incentives on your yarn/pattern ahead of the event.

Jan 21st...


Tussah Kissed! alpaca/linen/silk blend arrived in a lovely palette of colors that will be wonderful knitting for any garment you'd like drape for - think shawl or wrap, summer tee or swing vest! Elegant colors, lovely drape and soft hand.

If you haven't knit with Incan Spice yet, you should! It is a lovely yarn with a soft and silky hand and is a great price point at just $11.99/ball of 280 yds!! Yak, silk, and merino - what's not to like! This brioche cowl took just 1 skein each of two colors and measures about 54" long and 7" wide. All for under $25!!!

Introducting Yakima - kettle dyed for subtle tonal variation. Richly saturated colors, this yak/superwash merino yarn is lovely and packs a lot of yardage at 384 yds/sk!!


Jan 9th.....

Some fun colors of this new grading sock yarn arrived - prewound so its perfect for knitting 2 at once on one circular needle....and for those of you who like your socks to match exactly, these balls are wound to grade at the same rate as each other!

There is still room in February's Latvian Wrist Warmer workshop. And 1 spot open in next Saturday's Wet N' Needle Felted Wristwarmers! Check the details out here.

I finished the brioche cowl sweater in Noro's Kiri. Love the drape....and so many ways to wear it. Super simple.

Dec 17th....

A couple new colors of Tenderfoot sock yarn arrived to complement the batch that arrived last week.

Blending Boards are back in stock - if you are a felter or a spinner and you can't justify (yet) investing in a drum carder, you might consider a Blending Board. Or put it on your list for the last minute shoppers in your family that are looking for the fiber tool that will give you years of joy to come! Honestly, I can't imagine felting without having a drum carder or blending board to blend my own colors....and for spinning it is essential if you want to prepare your own fibers or blend fibers and colors for spinning batts like those shown above! So much fun!!!

The Quinquennial Fiber Challenge is on!

!Starting Jan 11th. Read here for more details about this fun event.


Dec 10th...

A couple new needle felting kits arrived just in time for fun with fiber! Worried about having the kids home from school before the holidays when excitement levels have them bouncing off the walls? Well, why not get the Angel Ornament kit and keep them creatively busy and having fun getting in the spirit by needle felting new ornaments for the tree!

Three new colors of Amitola silk/merino arrived

Tenderfoot arrived - 75% merino lambswool (wow) and 25% poly make this super soft yarn a good durable choice for socks. Tho' both Chris and I have been thinking of it for vests!

Perth, a machine washable merino/nylon blend is another great option for socks, but I'm betting will be used more for shawls and cowls! Soft, lovely drape and some great colorways.



Dec 2nd....

Joany knit this fun pattern from Ravelry (Dreamcatcher) using a mix of Mechita, Shibui Silk Cloud, Fiber Co.'s Canopy and Shibui Pebble. I'm waiting for her to get here tomorrrow to weigh how much yarn of each she had left to give you a more definitive idea, but with what she had leftover of the various colors, she thought at least a cowl could also be knit. For months I'd wanted something showing tShibui's mustard yellow (pollen) and deep plum (velvet) together with a grey. I could have chosen "fog" or "ash" grey colors by Shibui, but I had a skein of grey Canopy already wound, so Canopy it was! And what a lovely soft drape that adds! I believe I chose the color "Illusion" in Mechita for the variegated since this particular lot in stock had both the plum and mustard tones in it.


A new shipment from Malabrigo arrived with a restock of existing colors (well, not all were available, but most!) and I brought in some new ones too!

Mechita, Malabrigo Sock, Rios and Mecha have new colors!

I made up a few pillows testing new shibori designs in advance of the shibori class here after the holidays. Whether you want to make a pillow with the fabric you shibori in class or use the fabric you do instead in a quilt, some other home furnishing or garment is up to you. I'm just calling it a "Shibori Pillow" class because that is the amount of fabric we can do in this 2 week class and also because I designed one of the pillows to not require either a sewing machine or much handstitching for those of you who may want to participate but neither enjoy hand sewing nor have a machine at your disposal!