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Summer Knit N' Noshes

Once monthly social gatherings to knit, crochet, hook, spin, etc in the company of other fanatics!

Starting May 22 1-5 p.m.

Check out the Events page for other dates.


Closing for Inventory

We'll be closed for inventory on Tuesday May 11th. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sox Appeal Extravaganza

Saturday May 15th 10 - 4

Next Saturday we're hosting a trunk show of socks...socks knit every which way and in many different yarns. Plus we're offering several free little tutorials, door prizes, etc., so check out the details here and mark your calendar!

Maryland Sheep & Wool

I wrote a little recap and posted a short video clip of the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival we attended this last weekend.

There were a couple new breeds of sheep there that I'd not heard of before.

One of them, the short tailed Ouessant Sheep, comes from a little island off the coast of Brittany. Believed to be the smallest sheep in the world...even the rams are only 18-20 inches tall and weigh only 45 pounds...the Oessant is a double coated sheep, having an outer coat of coarse guard hair and a finer downy undercoat.

Since purebred Ouessant sheep cannot legally be imported to the US (neither live sheep nor embryos), the Ouessant sheep at the fair were actually the first generation of an upbreeding program started in the US last year.

Because they are so small, Ouessants are a good option for someone with limited acreage...but don't expect a lot of fleece!! The fleeces from these little guys are only 2-4 pounds, grease-weight. In the video you'll see lots of colored fleeces because of the Shetland genes, but purebred Ouessant are all black or dark brown. As this upbreeding program continues and the Shetland genes are outnumbered by the Ouessant, these sheep will be only black or dark brown.

Although a couple of serious (i.e. they raise hundreds of pounds of fleece each year) sheep breeders at the fair joked that these little sheep would only be good for lawn ornaments, I can see a niche for them in every handspinners yard....2-4 pounds grease-weight would leave you with 1.5-2 pounds of spun yarn...perfect for a sweater and some accessories!

Yarn & Needle Tasting

Sat May 22

Join us for our Summer/Spring Yarn Tasting! And with corn, sugar, and soy yarns rounding out the cottons and linens, we've got most of the food groups covered!

So what is a Yarn Tasting? We'll have skeins of all our new summer yarns open and cast on so you can knit them yourself and see what they're like.

Plus, we've got some new needles for you to test as well! So if you're curious about the Signature needles, the square ones or the Lantern Moon Sox Stix...this is a good chance to relax and try them out.




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