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Sonata by Noro

This newest Noro yarn knits up with a beautiful drape and into a rich fabric because each fiber in the blend (silk, cotton, rayon) takes the dye differently.

This easy & quick to knit Tee pattern has an option for short sleeves. While it is simple to knit in garter stitch, the way it is constructed creates a visual in the fabric that is very flattering - drawing attention into the center of the waist for a more hourglass figure - as you hopefully can glean from the closeup photo. The same design makes it interesting to knit while keeping it really simple..

Pattern offers sizes 36-38, 40-42, 44-46.

Pick a color - any color - they are all so gorgeous! Be sure to enlarge the photos (click on them) to see the subtle and rich differences of color in each skein.

Two Size Options

To knit up to 44" sleeveless: $45 You get the pattern and 2 sks of yarn

To knit up to 44" with short sleeves or 46" sleeveless: $65 You get the pattern and 3 sks of yarn



natural, copper, caramel, chestnut

ash, stone, navy, denim

grass, rose, cherry



Size 1 : up to 44" sleeveless: $45


Size 2 : up to 44" with sleeves or 46" without sleeves: $65