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Whether you want to make a felted pair of slippers using Noro's self striping Kureyon Air or you'd prefer a non-felted version that is machine washable and knit using Viking Odin 100% superwash wool, this is a quick and easy project.

Both versions are self-striping, but are sublte and not as distinct in stripes as the self-striping sock yarns.

Directions for the slippers are sent free with the yarn purchase and the directions cover kids, women's and men's sizes. Needles are not included, since I assume you'll already have those!

You choose the color and whether you want felted or not! To felt it, you'll just throw them in the washing machine when you're done.

Both are comfy and durable.

If you pick a color of Kureyon Air, then you are picking the slippers that will be felted after knitting them. These are pictured in the left most photo.

If you pick a color of Odin, then you are choosing to knit the slippers shown in the middle and right hand photo which are NOT FELTED, but are knit from machine washable wool so you can easily wash them.

Knit them up for holiday gifts for everyone in the family.

Price: $20

Kureyon Air Colors for Felted Slippers

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

Price: $20.00

Odin Colors for Machine Washable NOT felted slippers

when you click on the photo abovwe, it will not be so blurry!

grey, tan, turquoise, blue, purple

pink, red, NA, primary

NA=not available

Price: $20.00