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Shibori Shawl

This is really only a viable option for those who are reasonably "local", since it involves coming to the store once covid is under control in order to "dip" your shibori shawl into either the indigo vat here.

Another option is to join us for the Natural Dye Class in July (I'm assuming that by then, gatherings of 10 or under will be ok - and I've always provided masks to dye class participants anyway - so you can dip your shawl into any of the natural dye pots we have going during class) and then you'll have the option of dipping your shawl into one of at least 15 other natural dye colors. Find details about the Natural Dye Class.

Back to the option at hand - these lovely 50/50 bamboo/wool shawls measure about 70" x 28" and have the most beautiful drape and soft silky feel.

They are lovely even in their original creamy white, but make a great base for shibori if you want to learn something new while we "shelter in place".

I'll send you the link to a free video showing you a couple of ways to stitch this shawl for different designs so you can stitch it up while we're in isolation.

Then once this is behind us, I'll dedicate a Saturday (in June?) when you can all come and dip your shawl into the indigo vat and then reveal your design!

And, of course, those who register for the Natural Dye class in July can opt to bring their shawl to the class and choose from any one of many natural colors we'll have going that weekend!

Price per shawl: $17.99



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