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Pop Up Paws Mittens

For those situations when you need the dexterity of gloves but want the warmth of mittens, these Pop-Up Paws are just right. Knit densely at a small gauge to be nice and warm, these are essentially a glove knit within a mitten that has a trap door so you can expose your fingers without removing the mitten when you need to. Knit in Lamb's Pride Worsted wool-mohair blend at a d.k. gauge so they are really warm and durable.

Two kits available, depending on the size you want to make.

Both kits contain the pattern by Nancy Lindberg (which also includes directions for gloves, fingerless mittens and a regular mitten) as well as the yarn.

The Medium kit (which will work up to a medium women's hand) includes one skein of yarn with the pattern: Kit Price: $20.00

The Extra Large kit, which works up to a man's extra large, includes two skeins of yarn with the pattern: Kit Price: $32.00

reading top to bottom, colors are:

oatmeal, wild oak, bronze patina, sable

onyx, silver, aubergine

cream, deep charcoal , grey heather

periwinkle, saphire, blue flannel, blue boy

sun yellow, lemon drop


jaded dreams, tahiti teal, limeade

sunburst gold, autumn harvest, orange you glad


rpm, fuschia, victorian pink, orchid

supreme purple, amythyst, clematis


red baron,

ruby red




persian peacock, pine tree

Prairie Fire


Medium Kit: $20
Extra Large Kit: $32.00