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Painted Sky Lap Blanket

this pattern is from the fabulous Noro Blanket book.

We used 2 colors of Painted Sky - 100% wool machine washable yarn - to knit a slightly smaller size than the book suggests.

So the kit includes the book (lots of fabulous other patterns included for pillows and other afghans and blankets) plus 6 sks of Painted Desert Yarn to knit the size we did. Which is about 36" square.

If you want to knit it larger, you can supplement by buying additional skeins on the Painted Sky Yarn page.

We found that it took 1 ball of each color of Painted Sky to knit 1 column's worth -. so each column is approx 18" wide. So if you want to make yours larger by 1 column, you'll need 2 extra balls (1 of each color) and it will end up about 54" x 36".

Kit Price: $90 (this represents a bit of a discount over buying the book and 6 sks separately). If you already have the book, you can go to the yarn page and just buy the yarn.