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Nalbinding Needle and Free Tutorial

I had originally offered this as a "kit" with yarn and nalbinding needle together, but since a number of customers wanted only the nalbinding needle, I am offering that alone now.

Well, not exactly "alone", since I put together a comprehensive learn to tutorial including videos, text and photos and I offer you for free!

But now you supply your own yarn - or purchase what I recommend learning with here (Lamb's Pride Bulky). Ultimately you can work with any other wool yarn - plied or singles, bulky or sport - but I find that this gauge and a "singles, unplied" yarn is easiest to learn on.

Nalbinding predated knitting. While I always associate it with the Vikings because of my particular interests and where I originally got interested in this process, this single needle technique was widely used in Egyptian times. And was commonly used even up thru the Middle Ages throughout Europe. I think the stitches are pretty (be sure to click on the hat to see a closeup of the stitch), but mostly, I love how "connected" I feel to the project. There is something about the way you work the stitches off your thumb (instead of another needle as in knitting), and the feel of these handmade wooden nalbinding needles in the hand is really pleasing. Something about the shape and/or size or way it is held makes it quite distinct from either knitting or crochet.

So, anyway, if you are interested in connecting with the past and learning something new pick up a nalbinding needle here!

In the tutorial (which you can find here), I've provided text, photos and videos to walk you thru every aspect of learning the basics from how to hold the needle and manage the yarn, how to adjust tension, working in the round, increasing and decreasing, splicing yarn together and offering a pattern for nalbinding a basic toque. Plus I added a bit of history, since I always think context is important!

Once you've made the hat, it is super simple to make a headband or cowl! You can stripe colors just as with knitting or crochet and you can mix the stitches too! Lots of options once you learn the basics.

Please note that the needles I have are made of different woods and each one is one of a kind beautiful.

Wooden Nalbinding needle: $27.99

Nalbinding Needles


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