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Learn to Knit Kit

If your child has expressed interest in learning to knit - or is bored with isolation and you want to encourage them to learn something new - why not help them learn to knit?

This kit includes a skein of Encore worsted weight (you pick the color), plus a set of straight needles that are different colors, which helps kids learn the steps more readily and for you to communicate with them if they sometimes still confuse left and right! Plus this fabulous book for beginning knitters has great instruction and lots of fun project ideas. Both the hat shown below and a pair of fingerless wrist warmers are great first projects that they could make with the 1 skein of Encore included in the kit.

All you have to do is pick a color!

Or, here's another option for a learn to knit kit we offer (while animal topper hat kits last).

Kit Price: $35..00



Encore Colorspun

7811,7808, 7807

8126, 8121

7767, 7600, 7762

until I get the color numbers, we'll go with....

pinks, vintage rose, kiwi, tuscany, denim

7596, 7766, 7765

43, 41