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Kumihimo Kits

8 stranded round or square braids to more complex patterns using 32 strands, you can weave round, square and flat!

And, once you know the basics from this kit, then you can add beads, wire, all manner of more advanced techniques that make for endless possibilities!

With this "learn the basics" kit, you can make bracelets, necklaces, cat/dog leashes, cords for felt bags, coiled baskets, coiled mug rugs, eye glass holders, etc. So much can be done with this really portable little device.....making it a perfect distraction for the kids during a rainy afternoon or long road trip!

Kit comes with disc, basic instructions, 8 bobins and yarn to work a couple of 8 stranded bracelets while you learn the basics. From there.....the sky is the limit!

Kit: $16.99

3/30/2020 - Currently out of stock

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