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Incan Spice Scarf

This lovely extrafine merino (45%), baby alpaca (25%), mulberry silk (15%) and yak (15%) yarn has a lovely feel! And so warm too. I wore the cowl shown below (simple lace pattern) while ordering yarns for the fall and it was perfect for taking the chill off the back of my neck - but it was so light I forgot I even had it on.....until the rep was leaving and asked for it back!

Just 1 skein will knit this scarf. The pattern is included with the 1 skein purchase. It is long enough to double around your neck - if you do that it is snug. Not tight, but right around the neck. Which is the way I like it but since I know quite a few customers who like their cowls to hang below more like a necklace, I wanted you to know it is snug if you double it.

Price: $11.99

dark grey, silver

sugar maple red, turmeric, kiwi