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New for fall 2019!! Just in time for the holidays!!

Potholder Design Book

This creative book shows all sorts of designs and ways to create specific patterns in the potholder looms. So if your child has had fun with potholder looms already using the loops in a random way to create a colorful design, take them to the next level and give them the opportunity to learn more exacting weaving skills by following patterns for specific designs!

The is the book alone - you can scroll down to re-supply yourself with solid and varied loops. Or, purchase the "kit" below, which includes, the loom, the book and loops altogether!

Book Alone: $16.95


Potholder Loom Kit

This is the "kit" which includes this hot-off-the-press book sharing design and pattern options for more elaborate potholders, as well as a traditional size loom and loops to make a couple of potholders. But the pattern ideas are so exciting, you'll want to supplement a kit with a bag or two of extra loops becuase you/your child won't be satisfied with making just two!

Price: $36.95



Solid Colored Loops

I've brought in bags of solid colors - mostly in a holiday theme for now. But red, white, green, blue or black in either the traditional loom size or the Pro Loop size.


Traditional Size $8/bag



Pro Loop Size $15.99/bag



Deluxe Potholder Loom for Kids

A great way to introduce young children to weaving. Kit includes the "standard" 7" square metal frame, instructions, project ideas and enough loops to make 6 potholders!

Price: $28.95


Deluxe Potholder Loom


Standard Potholder Loom still the same size and metal construction as the deluxe-(above) so a 7" metal frame- but with only enough loops to make 2 pot holders.

Price: $17.99

Pro Potholder Loom

This loom features the same strong metal construction as the "traditional", , but with a 10" weaving frame (compared to the "traditional" 7" frame). Comes with enough loops for 2 pot holders.

Price: $29.99


Pro Loops

- enough colorful loops to keep your child busy all vacation and in three color options

Price: $15.99