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Faux Fair Isle Hats

Just 1 skein of Painted Desert has enough yarn to use as the "contrast color" to knit 3 of these simple toques. So if you purchase 3 sks of Rialto 4 ply to go along with it, then you use all the yarn most efficiently (and you actually can get 4 hats from that amount of yarn if you are willing to be creative in the last hat and work stripes using up the 3 solid colors with what remains of the Painted Desert).

But you can purchase just 1 skein each of Rialto 4 ply and Painted Desert and make 1 hat - you will have enough of the Painted Desert (about 300 yds left) to then knit a cowl or pair of fingerless mitts!

Or choose 2 sks or even 3 sks of Rialto 4 ply - along with the 1 skein of Painted Desert - and have fun making multiple hats for your family and friends this winter!

Inspired by a patterned motif I saw on a free pattern online but that was for a heavier gauge, I wrote this pattern to reflect the finer gauge needed for this combination of yarns.

When you order "at least" 1 skein of Rialto 4 ply and 1 skein of Painted Desert, I send the hat pattern for this gauge of yarn along free. But you have the option of purchasing a second and/or third skein of Rialto 4 ply below in case you want to knit more than 1 hat! Each additional hat AFTER the first, is only $10 more since I am offering a $1 off each additional skein (up to 3 more) of Rialto 4 ply.

Kit Price for 1 hat: $22.98

Kit Price for 2 hats: $32.97

Kit Price for 3 hats: $42.96

Kit Price for 4 hats: $52.95



Rialto 4 ply

41, 37, 39, 47

36, 49, 1, 34

Rialto 4 ply

4, 18

Rialto 4 ply

47, 53

37, 02 (cream)

Rialto 4 ply

51, 9, 22

50, 13, 3

Painted Desert

20, 15


Painted Desert

25, 26

35, 22, 11

Painted Desert

6, 5, 33

7, 31

Choose your Rialto 4 ply Color:

Rialto Color 1

Choose Your Painted Desert Color:

Color Painted Desert want additional Rialto 4 ply colors to knit additional hats.....

choose them here (because you get a discount of $1 off - on up to 3 additional colors you purchase- beyond the first)

Rialto Color 2