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Triangles Scarf

Materials: 1 skein of Silver Thaw by Noro

Needles US 9-10Finished

Dimensions: approx 6 x 60

  • Beginning Triangle:
  • Cast on 1 st.
  • Row 1: Increase in st.(knit into the front and back of the stitch)
  • Row 2: Increase, k1
  • Row 3: increase, k2
  • Continue increasing at the beginning of each row and knitting to the end until you have 26 sts on the needle.
  • Body Triangles
  • Row 1: increase, k2tog, turn
  • Row 2 and all even rows: knit
  • Row 3: increase, k1, k2tog, turn
  • Row 5: increase, k2, k2tog, turn.
  • Continue in this sequence (i.e. knitting 1 more stitch between the increase and k2tog each odd row) until you have 2 sts left on the left needle after a k2tog. Turn and then knit these 2 sts together to complete the 1st triangle. Repeat this "body triangle" sequence 12 times total.
  • Ending Triangle
  • Work as for "body" triangle until half of the sts have been worked (13). Now, continue as for "body" but DECREASE at the beginning of each odd row instead of increasing until you have 2 sts left. k2tog. Pull end thru last loop and secure. Voila!