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Lacy Scarf

Materials: About 150 yds of yarn

Needles: US 15

Make fringe first: Cut 84 lengths of yarn 12" each. Set aside.

Finished Dimensions: 7" x 54"


Cast on 21sts (it must be a multiple of 3, so if you want it narrower or wider, change this number in increments of 3)

Every row: *K1, YO, k2tog*

Knit in pattern above until about 18" yarn remains.

Bind off and add fringe as follows:

Take 2 strands of fringe and fold in half. Pull the folded end up through an end stitch (a crochet hook works well for this) about an inch and draw the 4 loose ends through the loop. Pull tight to secure. Repeat this for each of 21 sts you cast on and bound off.