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The fibers below are great for felting or spinning. For other felting supplies, such as partial felts/prefelts, felting fabrics, needles, tools or accessories, check under Felting. All spinning wheels, drop spindles, carding equipment, etc can be found under Spinning.

Just to help organize this page, I've put dyed fibers at the top, then I've tried to group silks with silk blends together in the middle before getting to various breeds of natural colors of wool and then embelllishments at the bottom




Flax Top

great surface embellishment for felt and great spinning!


Ramie Viscose Top



19 micron merino

over 20 great colors


19 micron merino variegated

9 great colorways!



Nube merino

19 micron

19 micron merino heathers


21.5 micron

merino top

over 60 colors



Dyed Blue Faced Leicester




KAP Wool

short stapled merino

15 colors - great for felting!

Pencil Roving

great for spinning, felting, or even knitting!





Noro Pin Drafted Roving


Dyed Felting Batts-great for needle felting!




Corriedale by the Yard

hugely popular for needle felting!




CC Wool

4 new colors - July 16

100% tussah silk

38 gorgeous colors!

Hand-Dyed Merino-Bombyx

great for felting and spinning


Bombyx Silk Top

Spins or use as surface design on felt



Gottland Felting Top

Dyed Bombyx Top

lots of colors!


Eri & Muga Silks

Romney Roving

karakul Top

Wenslydale Top

Creative Silk Packs


Wool-Mohair Blend


Heat Bondable Fiber

Great surface design elements for felt...or throw them in while you're spinning for a touch of glitz


South African Top


Mongolian Top


available at the store - not online


Reeled Silk

Great surface design for felt...or throw it in with your fiber as you spin for some color and surface texture in your yarn


Bombyx Silk Bricks


Spins great or use as surface design on felt



Dyed Locks(blue faced leceister and border leceister crosses)