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The creations below came out of the store's Second Biennial Fiber Challenge which concluded Feb 11th, 2007. It worked a little differently than the 1st Fiber Challenge.

This is how it worked:

I gave each participant 8 skeins of yarn which were predetermined by me (and no 2 skeins were alike, tho' each participant got the exact same group of 8 yarns). Because I love contrasts and most people find them hard to work with, I chose orange and blue yarns for the group to work with.

Each participant was then allowed (before they saw the yarns I was giving them) to pick 2 different novelty yarns from a table of about 50 odd skeins to choose from.

They were then told to stand in a circle and, holding their chosen skeins each in a hand, to pass the skein in their left hand to their neighbor to the left and to do the same with the skein in the right hand. This made the challenge even harder since the yarns they "inherited" from their neighbors were not what they wanted to work with nor did they necessarily (unless you were lucky) coordinate with each other!

Lastly, I gave them the predetermined yarns so they could see what they had to work with and each participant was then allowed to pick one last novelty yarn from the table that they believed they could use to pull together the "inherited" and "predetermined" yarns! Oh, at the end, I gave them each a silk hankie to work into their creation as well.

Everyone had 5 weeks to create something with their stash. The only rule was that they had to use each yarn and that they could add 1 "thing" of their own (it didn't have to be yarn).

Here's what came out of it...in alphabetical order..all the photos can be blown up for a better look

The theme of this Fiber Challenge was "southwest" and the colors were denim blues and oranges.

overshot pillow woven by Allison (overshot was a popular early American weave structure)

tapestry woven by Allison (the sun sets in the west)

vest knit a la Katherine Alexander "create as you go" by Betsy

a cowgirl hand puppet by a 1st-time grandmother-to-be Joan


a knitted rug/wall hanging a la Indian motif by Liz


a shawl by Liz

a southwest inspired shawl by Lou-Ann

These were the colors for the next challenge and I think the theme was "nature":


Wall hanging by Sonja

Bird and nest by Liz

Basket (crochet) or yarn being attacked by moths by Jan

Wall hanging by Karen

Felted slippers by Jan


Northeast Fiber Arts Center