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1st Fiber Challenge

Below are the creations of those customers who participated in the 1st Biennial Fiber Challenge which concluded March 15, 2005.

Each participating customer was given 7 sks of yarn (they were allowed to pick colors, except for an orange wool yarn I insisted on and the "zinger" yarn which they grabbed blindly out of a big black bag). They also received 1 oz of dyed wool locks and .5 oz of silk hankies. Everyone had 3 months to create whatever they wanted and the only rules were that they could eliminate 1 item I gave them (but it couldn't be the "zinger" yarn - this was a challenge after all!) and they could add 1 item of their own. Whether they knitted, crocheted, wove, felted, rug hooked, locker hooked, etc. was up to them. Here are the wonderful creations they came up with, along with with the participants name and an overview of their inspiration, techniques, or other point of interest. All the photos can be clicked on to get a closer look. The picture below shows an example of just a few of the odd assortment of yarns they had to work with!


Karen Kellam

A felted backing serves as a canvas for a lovely needle felted scene that is 3-D!.


Dorion McGowan

Chock Full of Nuts can used for metal embellishments

Front (click on for closeup)


Ginger Johnson

Fun tufts of locks knit in along with a taupe mohair bring an otherwise motley assortment of yarns together into a great sweater.

Jan Randy

Felted slippers embellished a la Nicky Epstein

Joan Bicknell

Felted bowl with needle felted locks

Liz Alton

A bird-watching vet was inspired by the "zinger" yarn to use as bedding for the chicks.

Jennifer Hoag

Double-weave bag using Fibonacci numbers for the stripes, an ode to the 60s.

Sonja Schuyler

A wall hanging inspired by her grandson's love of "Finding Nemo"


Sherri McMahon

A wonderful (you must click the pic for a better view) creature and tree stump inspired by a visit to Montreal and a poem about the Will O'Wisp.

LuAnne Carpenter

Knitted, felted and embellished by needle felting the locks and silk hankies.