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White PreFelts

This brand of pre (or some people refer to them as "partial") felt is NOT merino and is heavier than the Arno River Batts that I sell.

It wet felts (shrinkage about 40-45%) to a firm and dense fabric and it is also great for needle felting.

It is "at least" twice the thickness of the Arno River merino pre-felts, making it great for table runners, bags, placemats, wall hangings.

So if you're interested in using pre-felts for garments, I suggest you buy the Arno River Pre-felts.

But if you are needle felting wall hangings or table runners or are using the pre-felt to felt bags, then this white is the better choice because of it's thickness and density.

Two sizes are available:

36" square - Price $22.99

18" square - Price is $11.50


This photo shows a wet felted 18" square piece wet felted down, on top of, the original pre-felt 18 x 18 .







18 x 18: $11.50


36 x 36: $22.99