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Dyed Silk Hankies (mawattas)

These "hankies" (sometimes called mawattas) are 100% silk. They are created by stretching the silk cocoons over a square frame (hence the name hankies). . They are great for knitting, weaving, spinning and felting. You can knit directly from them (see video), lay them in the shed for an interesting weft, spin yarn from them and use them as embellishments in felting. In each case they add color, strength and luster to your project. They can even be used by themselves in making silk paper.

We have over 40 colors in stock....some are more variegated and others more solid. Since I dye what I am inspired to dye, the colors change from batch to batch, but we have listed general color categories to order by. If you want great description/choice, call your order in by phone: 802-288-8081

Price: $9.99/bag

for example, reading left to right, these would fall into the color categories as follows:

purple/pinks, just blues, chartreuse/olive greens