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Silk Fabric

Two types of silk fabric are available here: chiffon and paj - pictured lower left and upper right, respectively. Paj (some call this china silk or habotai) is a bit heavier at 4.5 - 5 mm (depending on what is in stock) and has more sheen than the Chiffon (called gauze by some) which is typically 3mm-4 mm.


I also stock Uzbeki silk (margilan silk) and sell that in 2 yard increments (it's much harder to cut!).

Since each time I dye up a new batch I dye what colors speak to me, I no longer sell this online as I just can't keep up the website to reflect what colors are in stock. And sometimes I dye more tonal because that is what people are looking for and other times I dye more "variegated' colors. And I change with the seasons too!

So if you are interested in buying some you need to either stop by and pick it out yourself, or call and have the person working the store describe (tho' since we all see and talk about color differently, this can be a challenge) to you what is available at the time!

chiffon Paj







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Tonal - this is pretty solid in just 1 color. It is hand-dyed and not commercial so there will be some variation in the fabric, but as you see it is just 1 color (this color happens to be "kiwi". Priced: $15.99/yard

Mottled - these pieces are dyed with multiple colors and sometimes look more like Italian marble the way the colors blend/bleed. I have 5 or 6 store favorites that I repeat with each dyeing and then each time I dye I also go with whatever inspires me at the moment and so every couple of months there are completely new and different colorways as well. If one of the listed colors doesn't interest you, call us and whomever is here can tell you what other colors are currently available (the two pictured here are "mossy glen" -this is much more olive green than this photo would lead you to believe - and "raisin". Priced: $15.99/yard

gradientgradientGradients - ombres" is another term for these. I dye these pieces so the fabric grades from 1 color to another and then finally a third or fourth - each color completely filling the width of the fabric so you end up with bands of color and between each color, the blend of the two on each side. These take longer to dye and so are more

shaborishabori silkshabori silk
Shibori - OK...this is not the intricate shibori some dyers do and the Japanese are famous for! That is WAY TOO time consumming for me to dye to sell and I don't have that level of sophistication in this technique, but the pieces I offer here use a shibori technique to create some interesting zig-zags, rings, polka dots, etc in the silk and they can be fun to nuno felt. Becuase these take even more time and effort to achieve than the "gradients", they are even more per yard: Priced: $17.99/yard,