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Plotulopi - Spin, Knit or Felt it!

This pin-drafted Icelandic roving about the diameter of a pencil and it can be spun, used in felting to created defined lines, and can even be knit directly as is! It comes wrapped in a center pull skein, doubled, as you would want to knit with it and this way you get a 4.5 st/inch gauge. It is, essentially, the precursor to Lopi Lite yarn!

And lay it on the surface of your felt and it needles into a very sharp line....or wet felt it too. Perfect to make easy "cobweb" lace!

If you're interested in some variegated colors, check out the Noro pin drafted roving here.

And for pin drafting in a different type of wool, check out the more limited color stock of Columbia pin drafter roving here.

Our stock is low and the company is so backordered - we don't have an eta on when any of the Out of Stock colors may be back in stock

Price: $7.50 for 50 gm roll


OOS, pink, oatmeal

OOS, red, OOS, spice, OOS

navy, gold, OOS, moss


OOS, oatmeal, OOS, latte, OOS

alll these are out of stock


OOS = out of stock